Subject: Do you depend on the Internet? Strong Net Neutrality protections = a healthy Internet.

I just signed onto Mozilla’s campaign to tell FCC and their new Chairman, Ajit Paij, to leave net neutrality – and
the Internet we know and love – alone! He has announced his plans to end net neutrality and let big businesses control who gets the most bandwidth.

The Internet will become like cable TV, a million channels with nothing on them, if net neutrality ends.
Your online privacy rights have already been taken from you. Loose net neutrality and no-one will be safe using the Internet.

I hope you can also take a moment now to show your support of Mozilla’s efforts to protect and save net
neutrality. Losing net neutrality, the first amendment of communications, would be another big grab of power for the elites that are behind profit grabbing at any cost.

The above link may not work from email, copy and past it into your browser.

Please step up and sign the letter to FCC Chairman Ajit Paij telling him to leave net neutrality alone.


Joe Hollinger
God Bless America!

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