Apologist or naïve? A must read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read this NOW! DO NOT SHRUG THIS OFF as a load of garbage, UNLESS, that is you don’t mind
the idea that your children and grandchildren, and you if your are not very old, being murdered
because of their Christian beliefs and, for many, the fact that they are white.

I posted in the past about how an Iman was heard, as he was leaving the Obama White House,
to say that when Jihad is called in the United States, kill everything white in sight; men, women
and children, show no mercy to anyone. Add this information to that which the author of the
book referenced in the following quote is saying and if you don’t take heed and see the horror
that awaits American should Islam gain the majority in our country. They will gain that
majority in not too many years.

The majority of Muslim refugees coming to the United States are young men in the prime of their
reproductive years, and, having the physical conditioning necessary to wage terrorism on
non-believers in Islam. When you read the following quote you will see what plans Islam has for
the U.S. and for other countries. In some countries they are moving quickly to take advantage
of stupid people that have fallen to political correctness and still believe that turning the other
cheek must be done no matter what.

How are single men going to increase the numbers of Muslims present in the U.S. when they did
not bring women with them and there are not nearly enough Muslim women already in the U.S.
to accomplish that feat? Forcible rape of American girls and women. Muslim men do not respect
women whose only attraction are their female parts which provide physical gratification to men.
Should a wife or concubine become pregnant, all the better. Another Muslim slave will enter
the World.

I cannot believe the ignorance of Americans when it comes to Islam and the wicked, murderous
ideology it really is. READ something longer than one sentence once in awhile and learn what
horrors face peoples that do not follow the tenants of Islam. Stop drinking from the Kool-Ade
of goody goody Christian book and start looking at reality for Christ’s sake.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is a good rule when you are considering
people other than Muslims. Muslims want you to treat them well because they are taught they
are superior to everyone but other Muslims and expect to be treated better than others. They
will not return the respect to you. They take from non-believers and do nothing in return.

Learn the word “al Taqiyya”. This describes the requirement that all Muslims are supposed to
lie to all non-believers in order to win every confrontation and rein superior, always. Islam
must always be the victor.

Stop being ignorant and stupid when it comes to Muslims. They are all enemies. There are no
moderate Muslims who respect others. There are those that remain on the sidelines and
support those that make all the noise.

Let’s stop the advance of the enemy in America, NOW!

Joseph D. Hollinger
God Bless America!

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