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I have my ideas concerning mandatory genomic testing that are on the side of those of conspiracy theorists.

The people fighting to keep this bill from passing say that it will favor the insurance industry.
You know that you have to have a great credit score in order to buy insurance now,
Genomic testing will identify more people that may be risks to insurance companies and
cause them to have to pay out for claims by people that could be screened out using those

Profit taking has become excessive and abusive. Big Banks, Big Business, Big Pharma, Big Oil,
and several other conglomerations of profit centers are working hard to control all the riches in
the World and in order to do that they have to destroy the sovereignty of the United States and
install a central World government (like the European Union but a whole lot bigger) so they can
control it all.

Obama told us early on in his first term that his goal was to be President of the World and he meant
it. He worked hard during his time in office to set things in place for Clinton(s) and their Muslim
puppeteers to finish the job. They can’t handle that they failed to pull off the final push of the
efforts building towards this since Jimmy Carter was elected.

Hillary Clinton’s puppeteer, and Muslim controller, is Huma Abedin. Look up her history it reads
like a horror story. Obama’s Muslim dictator is Valerie Jarrett who basically lived with the Obamas
since she engineered their marriage for the cause. Check out Jarrett’s history. Its easy to check as
is Abedin’s.

Starting with Jimmy Carter’s Administration, each administration since then has had many members
of the shadow government appointed to high positions of influence from which they could/can
influence policy towards forming a One World Government (New World Order) to totally control
everyone and everything.

This includes Trump’s Administration. For instance, check out Mitch McConnell’s wife and her

Henry Kissinger and Zibigniew Brzezinski, both of whom held high and influential positions in
Bush Seniors Administration, have been pushing One World Government from the get go.
They are of the mind that people are not capable of governing themselves, or controlling their
own lives. A gifted and intelligent group (progressive elites) must be empowered to control all
for the sake of everyone. Therein lies the shadow government that is now controlling everything
that goes on everywhere.

In the past, as now, the old rich and powerful families such as Rockefeller and Rothschild were
credited with starting wars and otherwise controlling World events to keep things running for
their benefits. Nowadays, big business, big government, big military, big banks, and the old
powerful families have joined forces to establish the One World Government, based in the U.N.,
to control all.

The newest Unite Nations plan, agreed to by leaders of some 89 countries have signed on to participate

The above link will get you a .pdf copy containing 41 pages of information. You have to read these pages using the same mindset
you need to read any bills submitted in our Congress, in politispeak, between the lines and watching the use of words having
more than one meaning. Hell is hidden in the vagaries!

U.N. Agenda 2030 contains 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and 169 steps for attaining those goals by 2030.
All of this is voluntary but only because the U.N. does not have enough polices power to force it on everyone.

The first SDG is to eliminate extreme poverty (income of $1.65 a day or less) the World over. The propaganda says that
will be changed by creating jobs that pay higher wages. Who will hire the impoverished if they are not hiring now? The
biggest participants in UN/government subsidized aid projects, like USAID, are big businesses and big banks who are busy
establishing themselves at the onset of these efforts so they can hire these people to increase their bottom lines. Not
much poverty will be erased. The rich will get richer at the expense of the people they are portrayed to be preparing to

We are seeing this SDG being accomplished right now in our country and in many European countries through Jihad by
migration of refugees. The majority of refugees were not being targeted by forces in their own countries for death. They
were forced to leave home and take those boats across the sea as a sort of ethnic cleansing by other Muslim sects.
You will notice that the countries most effected by refugees have, or have had, primarily white and Christian/Jewish
populations. Ask yourself what people Islam wants wiped off the face of the Earth; whites, Christians and Jews.

Can you see two forces acting to create One World Governments of their own design? Islam and the Shadow Government.
Islam wants a World Caliphate, the Shadow Government wants a sustainable World controlled only by them for them.
Will they come together to accomplish World control, one using the other to accomplish what they want? I think so.
The Shadow Government (the power behind establishment of the One World Government) will use Islam to accomplish
it Agenda 2030 SDG for a Sustainable Population. Doesn’t “Sustainable Population” give you chills up and down your
spine. Some research will show you that the number of persons considered to be a “sustainable number” is right at
one-third of the Earth’s population at this time. That means some two Billions of people will have to be eliminated
from the Earth by 2030.

No social program like “one child per family” will get it done in time. The only way to get rid of that many people
that fast is extermination. Gassing and burning won’t work either. Even with modern equipment and more efficient
cremation processes it would take too long. Now don’t get me wrong here. There have been FEMA camps re-established
that have significant capabilities for cremating people that also have holding areas for persons to be exterminated.

Do you remember that Obama got the authority to arrest people he labels as enemies/terrorists and “indefinitely
detain” them? That authority is extended to a President in every defense spending bill since. Indefinite detention is
criminal and unconstitutional for arresting and detaining “terrorists” that are American citizens. Obama considered
everyone that disagreed with his agenda a terrorist. That means that when he declared martial law Americans can
be rounded up and herded, like cattle or Jews, into FEMA Camps and other detention/extermination centers for
annihilation, never to be heard from again. Just like Russian Gulags. Indefinite Detention means that those
arrested will not get a phone call, a day in court to face their accusers, or to hear the evidence against them;
nothing. The day they are arrested, for all intents and purposes, they disappeared.

Presidents have another tool at their disposal for taking over as dictator of the United States. George W. Bush
signed National Security Presidential Directive 51 (NSPD 51) and its nearly identical sister, National Homeland
Security Directive 20 (NHSD 20), both entitled Continuity of Government, to be utilized when the sitting president
declared that a national emergency exists that includes the possibility for harm to our country and our citizens
in the United States. Only the President can determine that a national emergency exists and only the president
can decide when that emergency ceases to exist. All the meat in those directives is contained in Addendum 1,
which is top secret and no-one knows what is in that addendum. Those directives do empower the president
to disband the Supreme Court and send Congress home for the duration. leaving himself totally in charge.

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