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To Whom It Should Concern,

Instead of taking advantage of the threats to the Constitution, why don’t you promote American citizens and naturalized citizens
protecting and defending the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic? It is the responsibility of every single
American, and our civic duty, to do so. The only people protected and provided for in the Constitution are natural born citizens
and naturalized citizens. Naturalized citizens are those that came to America, legally, to realize the American Dream and become
citizens of the United States. NO-ONE else is entitle to the protections provided citizens therein, except natural rights
granted us each by our Creator.+

Our country, belongs to us, the citizens for whom our great country was framed in our foundation set of laws, the Constitution.
Government is a tool created by the Framers for the People to use to manage our country. The Framers knew that there
would be too many of us spread over a very large area in order for us, as individuals, to manage our country in person. Thus,
framed our Constitution so that we could give our consent to be governed by those we chose to represent our concerns and
needs through use of the election process they established for us to do so.

The Framers did not intend for us to elect people to office to act in our stead and then have us drop out of the picture and
leave those we elected to do as they please, assuming that they would do what we expected of them. A foolish assumption.
The Framers knew that men are weak and that when faced by unguarded temptations, over time, for which there are no
penalties for abuse, that they would eventually fall and come to serve their ill-gotten gains instead of representing their
constituency. We are now seeing what happens when “public servants” become profit oriented and serve their own interests
instead of those of our country and its citizens.

The next step after politicians run amok of the Constitution is their attempting to take control of our government from the
People to better serve their profit taking and give them power to control the people. When the people control government
there is liberty and freedom; when government controls people there is tyranny resulting in slavery.

The Framers risked everything to craft our Constitution such that we would always have the power to prevent tyranny by
our own government. That is the only reason they crafted the Second Amendment in such a way that it, as a law of the
land, cannot be changed, regulated, controlled, or treated in any other way than the exact way it was written and
ratified by the States.

The Second Amendment is the only amendment containing the words “shall not be infringed.”
The use of the word “shall”
means that there is no other choice, the “order” is law and there can be no exceptions taken. It must be obeyed as
written and it cannot be changed by amendment or decree….PERIOD!

The Second Amendment’s only purpose is to provide the People, you and me, with the ability to protect ourselves and
our country from tyranny by our own government.
Having arms on hand “also” provides personal protection and home
defense as side benefits.

Why don’t you expend your efforts to educate Americans about provisions in the Constitution and what they really
mean instead of playing on their fears for profit and notoriety? You have the same civic duty as everyone else yet you
seem to have chosen profit over country. Not good! Just because you can does not mean that you should, got it!

Joseph D. Hollinger
God Bless America!

On 2/25/2017 9:22 AM, Amendment 2 Rights wrote:

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Newsletter for Feb 25, 2017


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