The first 100 days

Why don’t you stop promoting separatism, one of the two things that prevent We the People from being able to control our country. One voice of all the people would ring
with a louder authority than screaming voices of discontent from hundreds of little groups to which none will pay attention. You should be working for unifying our country, not alienating people and encouraging dissent for the sake of dissent. Who do you work for, George Soros, the ACLU or the Southern Poverty Laws Center?

The other thing that is tearing apart our country is political correctness. Many believe that no-one should be able to say things about another that that person (or group) might not like.That is a lot of crap. Freedom of speech allows any citizen, or naturalized citizen (the only people protected by the Constitution, to express their opinions. If someone doesn’t like what they hear, tough. We have lost the ability to consider the source and get on with our lives. Just because someone calls you dumb ass doesn’t mean that you are, unless you are. So why take offense? You cannot stop the other person from having their opinion that you are a dumb ass and they cannot stop you from having your own opinions since both of you are free and protected by the First Amendment. If you both are either a citizen by birth or a naturalized citizen, that is.

Why don’t you just relax and give our new President time to prove his agenda will be good for all Americans. Then, if he proves to be a danger to our Constitution and our country he will become fair game for dissent. The way you are acting now is presuming he is guilty before he has had a chance to present his case. In America one is innocent until proven guilty.
Not good!

Relax and watch and listen and build facts, not agenda, and if the facts support your opinions then take action. By screaming before you have anything to scream about , you and your organizations lose credibility. Without it, your organization will lose its audience and you will end up shouting down an empty well, hearing only the echo of your own words.

Joe Hollinger
God Bless America!

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