This is what America must be

Robert at Public Citizen,

I have to ask what the heck is the matter with you and your reasoning? Islam is not a religion….PERIOD! It is a cruel and harsh ideology that enslaves
people at birth and for the rest of their lives. No religion, and I don’t give a hoot how much you believe in religion, murders people that don’t agree with it, and
possibly don’t know anything about it. All that is needed to get people killed, maimed, or taxed into slavery is for them to believe in something other than Islam.

What religion do you know of that preaches this is what must be done? What religion allows a man to behead his wife if he thinks she had contact with another
man. What religion allows a man to get a divorce for a few hours so he can cavort with prostitutes? What religion allows a father to kill his daughter if she shames the family.

There is no “religion” that does anything like this. Religion as know to Americans is love, peace, forgiveness, grace, kindness, understanding of other religions and the people that choose to follow them. But, those religions do not threaten the mere existence of all that do not believe as it demands. What religion demands intolerance for all others? What religion teaches that one should not lie on the one hand and provides times when it is required that they lie.

Muslims must lie to all non-believers so that they, and Islam, come out the winner in all confrontations, arguments, etc.? Al Taqiyya is what it is called. It must be used in order to advance Islam in the World. Look it up. Christians and others are taught lying is not permitted, that it is a sin to lie and to bear false witness. Yet, Muslims are permitted to lie through their teeth and as long as they remain true to Islam in their hearts, all is good. How then, can anyone not a Muslim, believe a thing that a Muslim tells them. If they are told to lie by their religion and risk suffering death or serious injuries if they do not do what they are told, how can anyone, even other Muslims, believe a thing they say? You cannot for your own safety sake.

In the case of Muslims, you cannot turn the other cheek without risking having your head removed, now or at a future date. This is not religion, this is dictatorship over slaves from birth. Muslims know nothing else and to them the way they must behave is fine with them because that is all they know.

There have been examples of Muslims being taught that they are superior to everyone else, in the U.S., where do gooders have gone the extra mile to help Muslims and then have them turn on them and hurt them despite the kindnesses. Because they are told that they are superior to all non-believers they all feel that this is the way
they are supposed to be treated and they think nothing of it.

Wake up, you and people with the same mindset as yours are cruising for a beheading because of your blind faith in your fellow man. Don’t continue to be stupid, wake
up and realize that there are exceptions to every rule. Muslims hate God yet they respect Jesus but not as the son of God or the miracle he was. Instead they believe he was one of their profits.

Speaking of profits, let’s look at Muhammad, the biggest Islamic prophet of them all. He was a marauding, murdering, lying, pedophile who dictated the Quran while sitting in his tent. Considering him as the source of the rules of Islam, is there any wonder that Islam has a penchant on cruelty?

Good Christians have lost their heads by the thousands to these beasts that have no respect for life; who think that dying in the service of Allah is the best thing that can happen to them. There reward for their service to him. Christians believe in everlasting life as their reward for living their lives according to the Bible. How are
Christians to survive if they continue to volunteer to be killed at the hands of those that follow the ideology of Islam? They won’t!

Muslims declare that they will take over the United States by breeding whites and Christians into the minority. Since more than 90 percent of the “refugees” that are being forced to flee from their homes by ISIS are young, virile males at the prime of their physical being they are most capable of accomplishing that feat. Who,
then will they breed with to drastically increase their numbers in the U.S. and become the majority? Will your wife, daughters, granddaughters be the ones into
which they will dump their evil seed? Oops, you forgot that it could happen to you and yours, huh?

Muslims have added to the above with the threat that they will not use terrorist tactics at this time because they are out numbered. They will wait until they are near the majority and then start random acts of terror aimed a terrorizing Americans so badly that they will so fear for their lives that they will surrender to Islam to escape being afraid.

Please take a look at a related side issue. Bill Clinton obligated the U.S. to take part in U.N. Agenda 21 which failed to meet its Millennium Development Goals. Now we are obligated, by Obama, to participate in U.N. Agenda 2030 which is Agenda 21 on steroids. Agenda 2030 has 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and 169 processes for attaining those goals. I will not go much into these except for two. I will say that these goals are so cleverly written that they appear to be a panacea to ending all the problems in the World. Propaganda!

One of the main goals identified is ending abject poverty in the World, defined as earning less that $1.45 a day. The pie in the sky flowery words in their agenda makes it appear that they will work to get the poor jobs, better living conditions, more places to work, and so on. Not so. We are seeing how they plan to end poverty by redistributing wealth. Refugees and illegal immigrants are the way they are working to end poverty. They are filling up countries in Europe that have had primarily white populations with Muslim, male refugees that have the same goals as I mentioned above. They are already succeeding in becoming the majority in some countries. Rapes and murders are escalating in those countries. Muslims are the perpetrators. England births, a few years back, showed that a vast majority of male babies born were named Mohammad. That is a clear indicator that they are working their plan.

Another of the Agenda 2030 SDGs is to create a sustainable population. Get that, sustainable population? The numbers that the U.N. thinks have to be attained by 2030 is right at one-third of what the World’s population is at this time. At right around one billion people is all the Earth can handle without damaging the chances for future generations of humans. The only way to achieve those numbers is mass murder. Who better to accomplish that than radical Muslims promised their world-wide caliphates by the shadow government that is controlling what is going on in the World and in the U.N.

Obama was the biggest supporter of the U.N. Agenda and don’t be surprised if he does not show up as president of the World when Agenda 2030 results in a One World Government based in the U.N. and controlled by the most rich and powerful in the World. Big Business, Big Banks, and rich and powerful old families are behind one government for all. The expertise that is working in the shadows to accomplish all this are called think tanks.

David Rockefeller was instrumental in creating three such organizations: the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, and the Counsel on Foreign Relations (CFR). The names of the most powerful and influential people in business, banking, governments, and military are members or have been members. Memberships for all of these organizations are available on line. Please check them out. All of these entities, and others, have the same goals expressed by the likes of Henry Kissinger and Zibigniew Brzezinski. The latter was partially responsible for establishing members of the Trilateral Commission into Jimmy Carter’s cabinet with Carter’s cooperation. Members have been in powerful positions in every administration since Carters. Obama appointed no less than twelve members of these groups into his cabinet within ten days after he was sworn into office. Check it out.

Kindly stop your push to make it look as if we are discriminating against poor folks that have been driven from their countries in fear for their lives. They might be in fear for their lives, but, they are taking our taxpayers money and going back to those countries for vacations. They can’t be too afraid!

We must turn against these pawns of Islam and repel them from our country before we are slaughtered like sheep and freedom and liberty perish from the Earth for ever
more. Seems to me I read a story from the Bible where God parted the seas so that his people could pass and then closed the gap while their pursuers were within the opening. Well, we are God’s people and we are running through that gap in fear for our lives and way of life. Muslims are chasing after us and are about to be within the gap in the waters. We must quickly escape pursuit so that those that are chasing after all are trapped, ending their ungodly scheme.

We must understand that we are not violating the Commandment “Thou shalt not murder”. We will not be murdering anyone, we are defending our natural right of self-defense that the Lord imparted in us when he drew Adam in the earth and breathed life into him. We have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, among others, also given us when God created us in his own image.

We are responsible for defending what God has given us and we must do the job well. Refusing to let Muslims come into our country and preventing what we see happening all over Europe, from happening in our country, is exercising the good sense God gave us and many refuse to use.

Kindly wake up, Sir, and realize is the time for actions necessary to self-preservation of all that we know and cherish is upon us and be we so foolish as not to take
a defensive stance and protect ourselves and our posterity, without harming anyone, we deserve what will happen to us.


Joseph D. Hollinger
God Bless America and those that will not see!

On 1/29/2017 3:59 PM, Robert Weissman, Public Citizen wrote:

Update from Public Citizen

Joseph D.,

Trump did it.

Just one week after taking the presidential oath of office — in which he swore to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” — Donald Trump issued an edict banning citizens of seven Middle Eastern and African countries from coming to America essentially because of their religion.

This is not what America is supposed to be.

And, thankfully, protests have erupted around the country.

Join in by saying “No!” to Trump’s xenophobic and anti-religious immigration ban.

Add your name now.

Let’s stand up to fear and hate together.


Robert Weissman
President, Public Citizen

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