Real ID

Dear Representative Franklin, January 22, 2017

Missouri and Washington are the last remaining States that have not instituted Real ID. This is good!
Missouri must be the only State that does not go along with the Real ID scheme. Nine-eleven was a
long time ago and their have been no actual (meaning no suspicion of government involvement) terrorist
activities in the U.S since that horrific event. I among those that are convinced that the Shadow Government
was totally involved in taking down the twin towers and building seven with practically no harm to neighboring
structures. Watch the films and you can see classic demolition taking place. The demolition was cleverly initiated to appear as after effects of the plane crashes into the buildings.

Anyway, Real ID is another encroachment on individual freedom. The United States has too many restrictions
on freedom. They must be rescinded as soon as possible. Government in the United States is a tool of its
citizens for managing their country using “public servants” to act in their stead. Why? Because we are too
numerous and too far separated to participate in governing our country in person. Thus, our very intelligent
Framers devised a way for honest patriots to act in the stead of those they have been chosen to represent.
The United States Government would be nothing without We the People because it has no power but that
which the people allow it to have. Our government is a non-entity because it has no structure, no essence, no being without the people. Without the original Constitution we have nothing.

When government fears the people there is freedom. When the people fear government there is tyranny.

The Constitution is our founding law set upon which all other laws are based and from which those laws have
substance and authority. There is no other way for our country to be managed other than the Constitution
exactly as it was written and has been amended in accordance with Article V. thereof. The Framers framed
our Constitution around the assumption that only hones patriots would be elected to follow its dictates.
They did this because the task of framing a constitution that would provide protection from all types of
corruption and illegal acts would be impossible. Their hopes that the people would honor their efforts and
hold those they elected to following the rules they demanded be followed as they established them.

There has been talk for many years about each person having an RFI chip implanted beneath their skin that
could be monitored and controlled from satellites. These chips are to have an explosive devise in them
that would kill the implantee with the push of a button. I met a person that worked developing those
kind of chips on Twitter a couple of years back. At that time he said the capability for building such chips
was nearly done. I imagine those chips exist now. Now there is talk of implanting those chips in Americans.
That is a lot of garbage! Those chips must be implanted in illegal aliens and refugees so they can be found
to appear in court and to be located when their visas expire so they can be made to leave our country.

Implanting those chips in Americans can be for one purpose only, eliminating dissension using fear of the
explosive being set off if they don’t do everything they are told. Reference Obama’s permission to use
indefinite detention that he gave himself and has been in every defense spending bill ever since. Indefinite
detention allows a president’s representative to arrest anyone at any time for reasons unknown and keep
them locked up without due process, one phone call, an attorney, the right to face their accusers, there day in court, trial by their peers, etc. In an essence, once arrested – GONE FOREVER!

Where would those arrested be kept? FEMA Camps that are located all over the U.S., manned and ready.
Some have the capability to incinerate large numbers of, you guessed it, human bodies.

President Trump kept 50 of Obama’s people in security positions for “continuity of government.” Those
words caused me to gasp when I saw them. Continuity of Government is the title of two executive orders
issued by George W. Bush in April of 2007. Both have the same title and the same contents. They are:
National Security Presidential Directive – 51 (NSPD-51) and Homeland Security Presidential Directive – 20
(HSPD-20). Each has an Addendum (or appendix) one which is highly secret and upon which the rest
of those executive orders depend. Carefully read, these documents allow a president to disband the
Supreme Court and send the Congress home until the National Emergency that only he can identify,
is over. This effectively permits a president to become dictator once some event, anywhere in the World,
is identified by him as being a national threat to our people and our country. How many opportunities are there going on right now that could fill that bill? Too many!

Another part of that conspiracy theory (as many have called it then and we are seeing taking place now) was
doing away with hard money and doing all transactions digitally. Guess what is in the works at this time,
digital currency. What an unconstitutional horror story! The Constitution demands that all transactions
be conducted using coin. They demanded this because at the time of framing coins were made of precious
metals having well known values that made them valuable because no matter where they were exchanged
they had a known value. We must return to currency that is once again backed by precious metals have
a known value worldwide. Paper money like gold certificates and silver certificates that guarantee the
bearer an amount of that precious commodity equal to the face value on the paper is as good as coin
but far less cumbersome. Politicians screwed up that system and the People let them get away with it.

Please, no Real ID or implantation of RFI chips controlled using satellites, no digital currency, okay?

Thank you,

Joseph D. Hollinger
God Bless America!

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