I just signed this:

Hey, Mitch McConnell is ramming through Trump’s crony Cabinet nominees before their ethics reviews are complete.

I just signed a petition telling the Senate: No completed ethics reviews, no confirmation hearings, and I think you should sign too!


Remember neither Obama or his puppeteer. Valerie Jarrett, were vetted (that is the purpose of these hearings and the steps that are supposed to lead up to them) before gaining power. Obama filled his cabinet/Administration with all sorts of anti-American people whose position allowed them to
influence changes in our society, national morals, security, sovereignty and the most important of all (other than the Bible) the Constitution.

Forces have hard at work for far longer than eight years in attempts to destroy the Constitution. No one party is less to blame than the other.
The Republican (GOP) Party machine and the Democrat machine are equally responsible and have been supporting efforts of our shadow
government to destroy the Constitution. Their goal, government control over all the peoples of the Earth. The U.S. Constitution is a roadblock
to their agenda for forming a one-world government based in the U.N. Their tools, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030.

If all potential public servants of We the People are not carefully and thoroughly vetted we stand the risk of more people with the ilk of
Obama appointees influencing our futures. Obama and his agenda were Muslim and they were/are hell bent on making a caliphate of North America, then, the rest of the World.

Please visit the Demand Progress site and sign their petition using the html above, to tell Mitch McConnell to stop the push to put the GOP in charge
vice completing vetting as required. McConnell is a RINO and cannot be trusted. He is the enemy and should never have been elected.

Joseph D. Hollinger
God Bless America! She needs it.

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