Constitutional protections

Dear Diane Franklin,

Congratulations on your new appointment. Wishing you success.

I am deeply concerned concerning abuses of our founding document, the Constitution. Many believe
that it is a living document to be kept with current times. It is not. It must always be kept as written
and never interpreted to mean anything but what it says. The Framers took great care to word it
in plain English using accepted English grammar laws which, for the most part, have remained unchanged.

I just posted the following on your Facebook page in hopes that others will pick up the ball and run with it.

Please help initiate an initiative to prevent alteration of our Constitutional laws at State level. I am sure that
the Framers never intended for States to have the power to change the Constitution on the State level when
the only way it can be changed on the Federal level is through the use of an Article V. amendment. All existing amendments have been made in this manner.

“I want to see Constitutional Carry have no restrictions on where a person who wishes to carry his or her weapon, concealed or open carry, can do so.

The Constitution is the basic law set upon which our entire System of Laws depends for substance and authority.
It cannot be changed by any other method than through an Article V. amendment. Most state constitutions mirror
the constitution upon which our nation was formed. No state constitution can diminish, regulate, restrict, or rewrite
the Framers words ratified as being the foundation of our nation. The Framer’s words are orders on how our nation
is to be operated and managed for the people by those elected to do so in accordance with the method provided by
the Framers. When a person casts their vote they consent to be governed by those elected to do so.

The Second Amendment is the only amendment that cannot be changed in any way, using any method, for any reason
because the Framers included the words “SHALL not be infringed” in order to provide protection against tyranny by our
own government. States have obligations for insuring that the people do not lose that protection, or any part of it,
through legislation that immediately intends to do so, or, appears to do so at a later date as a consequence of other legislation.

No business, church, or other entity has the right, or power to usurp control of a basic right of U.S. citizens to carry
arms of their choosing, openly or concealed, anywhere they choose to do so. I want you to work to remove all
restrictions/controls on how a person chooses to exercise their right to bear arms. All restrictions on who can carry
arms must also be removed. Their are numerous laws already on the books that provide penalties for persons that use
firearms in the commission of crimes. Also, the mere knowledge that persons chosen as victims of crimes may be
carrying a weapon that could end a perpetrator’s life is a great deterrent against committing a crime in the first place.

No-one should have to go to church and leave their weapon in their car. If someone wants to commit a crime against
the members of a church, all unarmed because of church arms restrictions, they know they will not meet resistance
to their intent. Also, persons wishing to gain a cache of arms could surely do so in a church parking lot.

PLEASE bring reason to the MO House and remove all illegal restrictions on Constitutional rights and protections.
Press the point that enforcement of existing laws is the way to get the job done! Not by over regulating a person’s life or abusing our Constitution.

Best wishes for a productive and fruitful session of the Missouri House,

Joseph D. Hollinger
God Bless America!
Keep and eye on Trump!
All is not gold that glitters.

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