ADV: Ken Ivory

COS Team,

Why should United States citizens believe that the changes you are proposing, and marching
forward towards without the having the voices of the People being recorded as in favor?

Article V. requires that before any amendment to the Constitution can be accepted as a
Constitutional amendment and binding on all American citizens, any proposed amendment
must first be ratified by three-fourths of the States. During ratification by the States, absolutely
no changes can be made to the amendment proposed by any entity or the process has to
start over from the beginning.

Just who are the people that the states that comprise your COS team? Have they been chosen
by the people of each state supposedly represented thereby? What are their political views
other than wanting to amend the greatest constitution that has ever existed.

I personally am not going to sit by and watch a bunch of people appoint themselves a committee
for changing the foundation law set upon which our System of Laws is grounded. I want to know
for damn sure that those self appointed advocates for change have returning our government to
the people in accordance with the Constitution as it was written and has been legally amended
following Article V. thereof.

Jimmy Carter and every President since have been advocates for changes that are not constitutional
and were designed to either immediately denigrate the constitutional dictates or to do so at some
point in the future.

How do we know that you and your cohorts are not members of the Trilateral Commission, the
Atlantic, the Bilderberg Group, the Counsel on Foreign Relations, or some committee of the
United Nations attempting to further the U.N. Agenda 2030? Which is based on a theory that global
warming exists and is caused by humans. Agenda 2030 has 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
the agenda says will solve the problems experienced by undeveloped countries that have leaders who do not
want their people to prosper and keep all aid that comes their way for their own personal profit?
I do not agree with redistribution of wealth of any sort. Those that are wealthy enjoy that freedom.
If they came about their wealth by underhanded means, they must be found out and penalized
following constitutional processes.

People from underdeveloped countries must learn to do what it takes to improve their lots in
life. Their welfare, except due to natural disasters or the sort, is their own business. Forcing people
to do what they should want to do on their own is interfering in their business and has gotten the
U.S.A. in trouble numerous times. Why should the result of United Nations interference produce
different results? It won’t and here is why.

The U.N. is comprised of leaders representatives (like John Kerry) from the World over. Many of them
represent miscreants that are dictators that steal from their people to live like kings while their
peoples live in abject poverty. These are not the kinds of leaders that care about ending extreme
poverty the World over. All they can see are more and bigger opportunities for becoming even more
wealthy and powerful in a grander scale. The end result of Agenda 2030 will be an established One
World Government “enforced” by miscreants for profit. I include Obama and his ilk in the group.

Islam is not without involvement in the plan for a One World Government. Obama is a huge
supporter who is controlled by his Muslim Chief Adviser, Valerie Jarrett. She has established
connections with radical Communists and with radical Islamic organization in the U.S. and
abroad. Funny isn’t it that neither Obama or Jarrett were vetted?

Suppose Hillary Clinton is successful in violating the Constitution by being elected President. She is
also controlled by a Muslim who has been grooming Hillary for being President for more than
20 years and whom also has ties to Islamic enemy factions in the U.S. and abroad that have
stated they want all non-believers, especially white people, dead.

Article II. Section 1. clearly states that only a man can be President and very definitely restricts
a president to one term of four years. The second sentence could not be more clear: “He shall hold
his Office for the Term of four Years, ….” “He shall hold his” means male only. If either sex was
considered the sentence would start with: “A President shall hold his office”. This is a prime example
of how the Constitution has been discreetly changed by dishonest politicians who play on the
structured ignorance and lack of participation in government that has been bred into Americans
by our educational system and our society.

Here is another. The 22nd Amendment gives a President two four-year terms so that it can restrict
him to that number when, in actuality, what it does is unconstitutional and illegal. The 22nd
Amendment does not amend Article II. Section 1. or mention it. Thus, Article II. Section 1. remains
as written and is still binding on all presidents.

Everyone that has anything to do with managing our government has but one goal and that is
to fatten their pockets and allow them to dominate the folks who produce the wealth that has
made their pockets fatter. How can I be sure you and your group are honest and above board
(Ha, not very likely) and your being honest in your attempts to add constraints on those in
government service, elected and/or appointed?

Read the Constitution word for word and understand it as it is written. No hidden meanings
or double entendres to hide the real intentions of the authors as is the rule today. No taking
advantage of the want of Americans to believe and believe in those they elect to exact harm
on them in the future by weakening the foundation law set that is supposed to guarantee
freedom and liberty for all in perpetuity.

The Framers created the Constitution under the assumption that honest men would administer
its dictates and follow them faithfully. It would have been impossible to frame such a law set
that would encompass protection from every weakness of man or from man’s desire to have
more of things than others. They left the task of insuring that the Constitution is followed to
the letter up to American citizens who are the beneficiaries of their great work and the freemen
it has created.

Changing the Constitution will do no good when our entire government does not honor it
except when it is convenient for them and/or enables them to move their agenda for
change forward for their profit.

We have a Supreme Court that is corrupted to the core. The only voice of reason and
Constitution expert was assassinated to get him out of the way. Justice Alito did not die
an accidental death. He was found with a pillow over his face.

The rest of the Justices are not honoring the positions they hold nor are they separated
from the politics of the President that appointed them as the Framers intended. Justices
must have no personal opinions and must owe no allegiances to anyone for anything.
Their is to uphold the Constitution as it was written and has been legally amended, nothing
more, nothing less.

They must preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, our foundation law set upon
which all other laws are based, from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. What are
domestic enemies? Politicians of every flavor that plot, plan, deceive, act in any manner
that attempts to/weakens or distorts the Framer’s words in any manner from the way they
were written.

How do I know that you and those who support your efforts towards a COS are not
domestic enemies? Can you prove you are not? Will each of you pass a newspaper test
of exposing all their is to know about you and the people with whom you associate? I
bet not but hope so.

I recommend that you and your supporters work towards awakening the American people to
their constitutional duties and civic responsibilities and bringing back communities in America.
Let’s get rid of racial biases and strive to have every citizen be known as an American
with no descriptive adjectives to divide us into one group or another. Then we will have a
strong America once again. Our country will again be the envy of all others, not the
laughing stock of most others it is now.

Sincerely concerned your efforts are being made for the wrong purpose at the wrong time,

Joseph D. Hollinger
God Bless America!
Do Not Reelect Anyone now serving!

On 10/14/2016 1:18 AM, The Convention of States Team wrote:

Ken Ivory: “Today’s the day. The winds of change are about to blow.”

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