McCaskill says: What Hillary has done For women Outweighs Nasty Name_Calling. Really?

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Sen. McCaskill: What Hillary Has done For women Outweighs Nasty Name-Calling. Really?

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Consider the source of claims that Hillary has done enough for women to erase the negatives surrounding her. Clair McCaskill is a died in the wool radical Liberal that does no honor the desires of her constituents if they are not exactly as she wants. McCaskill has no business being in the Senate or anywhere else in public service. She does not work for the people that elected her time and time again in violation of the Constitutional limit of one term for everyone in the Senate, the House, and the Presidency.

Worse yet, she is supporting a woman, Hillary, for President in violation of Article II. Section 1.that clearly states that only a man shall be President. In the second sentence, which defines whom a President is to be but also how long a president shall serve.

“He shall hold his Office for the Term of four Years, ….” “He shall hold his” could not be more clear and there is no valid way to explain those words (the word “shall” makes those words untouchable) to mean something else. “for the Term of four Years, ….” The word “shall” also applies to this part of the sentence. Diagram the sentence an you will see why it does.

A president shall be male and he shall hold his office “for the Term of four Years,….”. The word “the” with the word “Term”, “the Term” means “the one term” four Years in length.

Nothing in the Constitution provides for anyone to serve more than one Term. There is a reason for this and we are experiencing what happens when the Constitution is not followed to the letter as it has to be for our country to retain its greatness for the benefit of all peoples.

The Framers knew well the weaknesses of men when exposed, over time, to unguarded temptations for which there are no penalties for abuse. They also knew that when people having the public trust fell to those temptations they would come to serve the fruits of those temptations before all else, including their oaths-of-office and their duty to serve constituents concerns before their own. The Constitution makes no provisions that make members of the House, the Senate and/or the Presidency omnipotent. Nor does it permit them to ignore the voices of the people that they represent once they take office and, instead, vote their own voice and concerns. Elected persons are to think about how to follow the law while addressing constituents concerns and nothing more. They are public servants, first, last and always.

We can see that our system of managing government following the strict guidelines for doing so in the Constitution has been corrupted to a point that government is but a shadow of what it should be. We, American citizens, must make very careful and well studied moves to reclaim our country by returning it to the Constitution, as written and legally amended following Article V. thereof.


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Sen. McCaskill: What Hillary Has done For women Outweighs Nasty Name-Calling. Really?

By Liberty Alliance on October 3, 2016, Videos


So Hillary Clinton called Monica Lewinsky a “narcissistic loony toon.” So what? And so what if she called Gennifer Flowers “a gold digger” and “the daughter of Willie Horton” — whatever that last dig was supposed to mean. And, yes, Clinton has been calling Kathleen Willey, another of her hubby’s “conquests,” a “bimbo” for the last 19 years. But what of it?

The important thing, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D., Mo.) told Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday,” is all the good Clinton has done for women, which outweighs those ugly labels she applied to the many gals who claimed they were raped, groped, or simply had sex with Bill Clinton.

Here’s the video. A transcript of the money portion follows:

You know, Hillary Clinton may have defended her husband in various situations,but if we want to compare what she has done for women in her life, how she has worked – I mean, when the cameras weren’t rolling, when no one was looking, after a law degree from one of the best schools in the country, she went to work for the Children’s Defense Fund.

Since McCaskill raised the subject of Mrs. Clinton’s work as an attorney helping children, maybe she could comment on Hillary’s defense in 1075 of a man accused of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl who Clinton savaged in court.

More importantly, if Clinton is going to be excused for her calling women disgusting things because she supposedly did some good for them, why shouldn’t the same pass be given to Donald Trump? According to The Washington Post:

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