All Of A Sudden….., and, here are the real enemies we face today.

Islam is definitely the enemy of freedom and liberty. Muslims are born into Islam and have it drummed into their heads
from that point forward. Fear keeps them faithful to the dictates of Islam, the ideology of slavery where everyone but Islamic
leaders are at or near the poverty line and kept that way so they will be easier to control.

I am not defending Islam or those that follow it one little bit, but, we have other more terrible forces at work with the same goals
as Islam; making everyone destitute slaves to the state so they must do what government says or starve, be killed, have their children
taken away, have their home burned, etc.

The Trilateral Commission has infiltrated our government and holds high offices from which policies can be set that further their
goals for a strict Socialist state where working class people are slaves and destitute, totally dependent on government for their
lives and the right to remain alive.

David Rockefeller, the 101st Rockefeller to lead the family dynasty, has founded at least four organizations who share common goals
for a New World Order, headquartered in the United Nations building, but controlled by the super rich and powerful families such as
the Rockefeller and Rothschild families and super rich and powerful individuals the World over.

Here are some links you need to follow to learn about the Trilateral Commission (Bill Clinton is a member as are many others that are
or were in our government service and military). There is a list of members that is 18 pages long and reads like “Who’s Who” of
powerful people in the U.S. and around the World.

Trilateral Commission

After you have studied up on the Trilateral Commission and gasped at who its members are and what its agenda (they don’t hide anything),
you need to read the article about what the President of Brazil was impeached, what the new leader’s agenda is and the fact that he
took office even though the Brazilian courts forbade his becoming President of Brazil and no-one raised a hand to stop him. You will also
learn what his neo-Liberal agenda involves. It fits right into the plan espoused by the Trilateral Commission. It also fits right into what
is happening in the U.S. right now and no-one is lifting a finger to interfere. Powerful people in high places carry big hammers with which
to smash small pests that try to get in their way. You don’t see any of it in the news because the heads of all main stream media outlets
are members of the Trilateral Commission. Now you will understand why the media is not reporting the truth and is, instead, telling us
what the Trilateral Commission wants us to hear and in the way they want us to hear it, if at all.

“Brazilian President Michel Temer: Dilma Rousseff Impeached Because
She Didn’t Support Neoliberalism”

Michel Temer is the imposter President of Brazil, he placed himself in power after President Dilma Rousseff was deposed for impeachment.
Brazilian courts ruled that he was not to take over as President but he did so anyway.

Rousseff rejected a proposal by Temer’s party which included ‘cuts to health and education spending, reduced welfare benefits, a raised
retirement age, new private sector partnerships and decreased market regulations,’ according to a journalist at The Intercept Brasil.
By Kit O’Connell @KitOConnell | September 26, 2016

We are seeing, and will see moves to: cut health and education spending, reduce welfare benefits, a raise
retirement age, allow new private sector partnerships and decrease market regulations. All are for the benefits of big businesses and big
banks, the foundation of the Trilateral Commission.

Bilderberg 2016: The Agenda and Full Attendees List

List of Bilderberg participants

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The following is a list of prominent persons who are known to have attended one or more conferences organized by the Bilderberg Group. The list is currently organized by category. It is not a complete list and it includes both living and deceased people. Where known, the year(s) they attended are denoted in brackets.

This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.

The Order of the Illuminati: Its Origins, Its Methods and Its Influence
on the World Events (Freemasonry was consumed by the Illuminati)

The Council on Foreign Relations

“The CFR is a serpentine network of international revolutionaries and fascist ideologues whose goal is to end American
sovereignty and bring about a global, Marxist paradise. House, a socialist, wrote in his book, Philip Dru: Administrator,
that he was working for “Socialism as dreamed of by Karl Marx.” He told of a “conspiracy” which would gain control of
both political parties, and use them as instruments in the creation of a socialist world government. (John McManus,
The Insiders, pg. 7.)”

Bill Clinton: former president of the United States, also a member of David Rockefeller’s Bilderberger group and was in
1992 the only State Governor listed in the membership role of the Trilateral Commission.

Americas Society / Council of the Americas

Another group founded by David Rockefeller. Although not mentioned, after your read up on the following
site, go back and read the article about the impeachment of the President of Brazil and see if you can see
a probable connection.

In case Trump & Clinton don’t get to US foreign policy in Latin America at #Debates2016, here’s where they

There are more secret societies at work in America. Don’t discount their power and influence on U.S. and
World politics, business, banking, and governments. Not all conspiracy theories are far off of the truth and
it never hurts to be curious and well advised.

You will find links to other organizations as you peruse the information at the sources I have found and
provided for your information and enlightenment. Please be curious and learn about them and their agenda.
If you follow what is going on today in the visible world and behind the scenes you are going to be able to
patch the bits and pieces together and come up with a view of the real world that is far worse than we are
lead to believe.

Are your ready to take part and be an integral part of exposing what is really happening. Exposure is the
fastest and surest way to put an end to these kinds of groups and their agenda. Let’s work together to study,
research and publish all that we can find and verify. If we don’t, billions of people will probably be eliminated
because these groups want them gone so the atmosphere will be safer for them for longer.

God Bless America!
Joseph D. Hollinger

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