Mark Levin, Ted Cruz endorse Rubio for Senate but no reelections are permitted by the Constitution.

No-one should support reelection of anyone. The Constitution is very specific concerning how long a President,
a Senator, and a Member of the House are to serve. The Constitution is law, the base for all of our laws and what
it says cannot be changed to please politics.

Article I, Section 2. demands that Members (all) shall be chosen every second year. No mention of reelections.

Article I. Section 3. demands that Senators shall serve six years. No mention of reelections.

Article II. Section I. is more restrictive in that it states that a President shall be a man (only) and limits his term
to one of four years. “He shall hold his (means a man) Office for the (one) Term of four Years, ….). No provisions
for reelection.

The 22nd Amendment is a farce, planned to allow two terms for a President while appearing to restrict him to
two terms. Think about it. You can’t limit someone to something they cannot do.

The 22nd Amendment does not mention Article II. Section 1. or modify the limitations related to the holder of
the Office of the President of the United States of America. Thus, it must be repealed. It cannot be changed
because a change requires an amendment ratified in accordance with Article V.

Article V. provides for difficult and lengthy processes to get a proposed amendment ratified by three-fourths of the
States. Most attempts fail. The reason for the difficult processes are to prevent frivolous changes for momentary
agenda that would not benefit all of the people.

Changing the very foundation upon which our great country depends to protect our citizens from tyranny by
those in our own government and insure that they retain their natural rights given them by their Creator and
those the Framers secured for us in the Bill of Rights.

Our Constitution is a precious jewel that must be guarded with every resource we can muster, including the
2nd Amendment, the only one that contains restrictions preventing change of any sort for any reason by
any entity. Shall not be infringed is as cast in stone, no changes allowed. Not even by an Article V. amendment.

So, you have served more than the specific amount of time the Framers allotted for a Senator to serve. Now go
home and take up the life you left in order to serve your fellow citizens as their voice for management of your’s
and their country.

Enjoy your life outside of government,

Joseph D. Hollinger
God Bless America, My Country tis of Thee!

On 6/28/2016 12:39 PM, Support Rubio wrote:

Marco Rubio is seeking re-election to the Florida Senate! His former rival Ted Cruz along with conservative hero Mark Levin have endorsed him! This seat is crucial to keep the Senate in conservative hands. Support Rubio and ensure Republicans keep control of the Senate!

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