ADV: please read Fwd: Join Me and Stand with Roy

I will not contribute to anyone that does no always preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, as
it was written and has been legally amended in accordance with Article V. thereof.

Article I. Section 3. of the law (Constitution) says “The Senate of the United States shall be composed
of two Senators from each State chosen by the People thereof for six Years and each Senator shall
have one Vote.

Nothing in the Constitution allows anyone to be reelected to any office. The Framers were specific
in their demands that those elected to serve in the People’s names serve no more than the specific
period of time they provided for their service and then to return home and resume the lives they
left in order to perform their civic duty.

Their reasoning being based in their knowledge of the fact that men are weak when faced by unguarded
temptations for which there are no penalties for abuse. They knew that once “public servants” have
fallen they would serve their ill-gotten gains before all else.

This failing is evident throughout the U.S. Government at this time. No-one in the House or Senate
will do anything that might upset chances for reelection and the continuance of those ill-gotten gains
of power, influence, publicity, and the big one, wealth.

I am not accusing Mr. Blunt or Mr. Rubio of wrong doing.

I am standing behind the Constitution of my Country and defending its edicts for the conduct of
government in the name of the People of the United States to whom this country belongs. Without
the People, the government would not exist.

Another point I wish to make is: the only peaceful way left for the People of America to save their
country and their way of life from the horrors of a One World Government (headquartered in the
United Nations with Barrack Obama as the head) resulting from such anti-American activities such
as TPP, TCIP,l NAFTA, CAFTA and the North American Union (NAU), is to refuse to reelect anyone to
any office in 2016. All anti-American influences must be removed from Washington, D.C. in January,
2017. If successful, two classes of Senators will remain to be deposed during the next two elections.

Article I. Section 2. requires that each second year (all) Members of the House of Represented are to
chosen anew. There are no provisions for reelections of Members of the House either.

Article II. Section 1. creates the Executive of the United States in a President. The second sentence
in this article and section is the most important and most significant. “He shall hold his Office for
the Term of four Years, ….” There are two very important requirements defined in this sentence.
The first is that “He shall hold his Office”. That means that only a man can be President without
exception. The word “shall” in a document such as the Constitution emphasizes a demand that is
cast in stone, no exceptions allowed.

No Article V. amendment has been added to the Constitution giving women equal status with men
for holding political offices and until such an amendment is added they must not be allowed to
hold public office. Many decades were required to accomplish women’s suffrage and it was
finally ratified by one vote in the 1920’s. But, that only entitled women to vote, nothing more.

SCOTUS has refused to rule on equal rights with men for women. This is as it should be because
the Supreme Court does not have the power to change the original Constitution in any way. All
changes must be according to, and following the exact processes in Article V.

The remaining part of the second sentence above: “for the Term of four Years” is equally demanding
and informative. Please note that “for the (one) Term” and “of four Years, ….” requires that each
President shall serve one Term four years in length and no more.

The 22nd Amendment is a scam on the American people and the States that ratified it. That
amendment not only restricts a President to serving two terms but it must first allow a President
to serve for two terms before restrictions can be applied. The amendment falls apart and must
be rescinded because it does not reference, change or alter Article II. Section 1. which remains
untouched and in control of the time a President is to serve.

Limiting all public service to one term will cure most ills found in government today and return
control to the People where it is intended to be. Those elected will be fresh out of the realm
of their constituents and up to date on their concerns as they should be. Those elected will not
have to worry about pressure from senior members of their party because there will be none.
Lobbyists won’t be able to get a foot hold trying to influence legislation because no-one will
serve long enough to be entrapped. Service will be returned to district offices where they will
have direct contact with their constituency. Time in Washington, D.C. will be on a momentary
basis to work on a specific legislation. No more full timers in D.C.

Those serving one term will no time for doing anything but serve. No time will be lost on
reelection activities because there will be none. The big party corporations will go broke because
they will no longer be needed. Candidates will be self-funding and campaigns will be low key
and local. No more political correctness to keep from upsetting voter bases and upsetting
chances for reelection, their will be none.

The size of government will shrink drastically and the person holding the position of President
of the United States can specialize in his limited responsibilities. How great!

Sorry, but I don’t want either of you reelected for the reasons above.

Enjoy your return to earning a living. If I could, I would see to it that you did not get a pension
for your service to the public, no healthcare after service and total confiscation of financial
fortunes exceeding those held prior to public service.

Have a great life and God Bless,

Joseph D. Hollinger

On 6/27/2016 5:38 PM, Roy Blunt wrote:

Joseph D.,

I wanted to make sure you saw the email sent by my good friend Marco Rubio a couple weeks ago. Marco and I have worked together to create common sense solutions, and I am so glad to have his help. Will you join Marco? Step up now before our End-of-Month deadline and give $25 to help us continue fighting for Missouri.

See below. He is right – Missouri really is a battleground state. But with your help we can win the battle and ultimately hold the Senate majority.

Our end of month deadline is upon us, Joseph D.. And Marco knows just how crucial this election is – which is why he is standing with me in our fight for the Senate. Donate $25 before Thursday and show that you stand with Marco and me in our fight for common sense conservative solutions.

Thank you,

Roy Blunt

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