ADV: The left has identified the “real enemy”… and it will horrify you

June 17, 2016


You are as much of an opportunist as the Liberals are, jumping on the Liberal agenda for gun
control relative to the Orlando incident and attempting to gain your objectives by bouncing
off of their unconstitutional efforts to change the 2nd Amendment.

Why in God’s name aren’t you defending the Constitution as well as harping on everyone to
jump on your train and do what you think needs to be done. Your insistence on convening a
ConCon to amend the Constitution is still inadvisable at this point in time no matter what you
think about the safety of the process you have identified. I doubt that it is safe considering the
attitudes of those in government who have clearly demonstrated that they will do anything,
including take liberties with our Constitution they are not permitted to take.

You,, and everyone else must remember that the United States belongs to the People, not
to those in government. Our government exists because the People have consented to allow
those they trusted, and elected, to serve as their stead in management of our country. We
have to have a representative republic because there are far too many of us to personally
participate in our government.

When those we have trusted to act in our places run amok of the mission given them by
those they are supposed to represent while following the mandatory rules for doing so that
our Framers suffered so greatly to provide, the only remedy is the 2nd Amendment. That is
the only reason for the 2nd Amendment, to prevent our own government from subjecting
us to tyranny. That is the direction we are headed in and if Hillary is elected, in violation of
Article II. Section 1. “He shall hold his Office ….”. Clearly stating that only a man can be
President. The only way to change that is through the processes provided for amending
the Constitution in Article V.

Hillary Clinton and every other member of Congress, on both sides of the isle, don’t know
a damn thing about the Constitution and could care less. What they do know is that the
American people will allow them to just about anything they want to do if they talk about
it long enough to make the People believers.

Here is what I would like to see you do. I would like to see you insert some patriotism into
your solicitations. Let’s start with educating the People to the fact that the only way
changes can be made is through Article V. Amendments. The Only Way!!!

Hillary Clinton’s propaganda: the federal government has the right to impose “reasonable
regulation” on any Amendment. is dead wrong. You need to do the research before you
support her claims by passing them on. Your credibility is at stake when you publish things
people are likely to think you have researched and found to be true.

This is a serious business we are in and the existence of the United States is at stake. We
can focus on one subject but not with blinders on. We have to be aware of all of the things
that are going on, even those we hear little or nothing about, and keep them alive by at
least mentioning them at every chance we can find.

Please do the research, call some Constitutional lawyers that haven’t drunken the Kool-Aid
and I am sure you will find that politicians cannot alter or change the Constitution in any
way except through the use of the processes for having an amendment ratified by three-
fourths of the States. The Framers made the process long and arduous for the very reasons
we are seeing today. To prevent changes for transient reasons aimed at short term goals for
political agenda.

Amending the Constitution is very risky and the road to ratification filled with potholes that
can derail the amendment process at any time and force the process to be restarted. You
know how tough it is to bet a bill through Congress. Imagine how difficult it would be to
get a proposed amendment through the House and get two-thirds Yea votes by both house
and then send the proposed amendment out to the States for ratification. If enough states
reject or change anything in the proposed amendment to prevent three-fourths of the States
from agreeing the entire process goes back to the drawing board for modification and a
restart. The process could go on until the effort is abandoned because elections have taken
place, people have changed, the outlook for the country has changed, or other things have
taken place to change minds on the need for such an amendment. Just the reason for the
long and difficult process, preventing unnecessary changes to meet short term goals.

You want to succeed in amending this very important document then you had better start
by making “The People” want an amendment and willing to get behind your efforts to
create and see the amendment through ratification. The U.S. is their country. Our government
exists because of the People and is nothing without them.

So, please modify your processes to include related true information that preserves, protects,
and defends the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Those now in
office have become the domestic enemy and they must go. Those that know that and care have
the heavy task of seeing to it that the majority of Americans become convinced of the fact and
come to stand by the Constitution as it was written and has been legally amended according to
Article V. processes.

Too many Americans are either old enough to continue to respect those that are elected as if
they were some God like creatures, or, young enough to know nothing about the role of govern-
ment and its relationship to The People and have not a clue what our country was like 40 or
50 years ago when all the changes that have been made were started. We have to help
remove barriers that keep our citizens in groups that politicians continually pit against one
another so we don’t unite and become a threat to their imagined imperialism.

The safest way to save America is to refuse to allow them to be reelected in 2016 and hopefully
ever again. There are definite periods of time provided in the Constitution, our foundation
document, the earth upon which our System of Laws is established as if cast in stone. Such a
document cannot be changed because a politician says it can be changed (by imposing,
reasonably regulated, by the Federal Government). It cannot and we must educate everyone
to that fact.

Look at the words in Hillary Clinton’s statement: imposing, reasonably regulated, by the
ederal Government. The word “imposing” does not sound like something a government
belonging to the People are permitted to do. “Reasonably regulated brings a big question
mark to my mind. “reasonably” is ambiguous, has an undisclosed meaning. “Regulated”
is not permitted by anyone when the subject is the foundation upon which the very essence
of our country depends. They cannot regulate the regulations that empower the people
to manage our country through them, our proxy voices. Her use of “by the Federal
Government” implies that the Federal Government is an entity to itself. The Federal
Government is a non-entity having no mass, is not visible, has no physical characteristics
that allow it to be a viable, self-supporting entity, The Federal Government exists because
the People allow it to exist. Without them, it would not.

God Bless America, My Country tis of Thee!
Joseph D. Hollinger

On 6/16/2016 11:09 PM, Mark Meckler wrote:

The left has identified the “real enemy”… and it will horrify you

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