Medicare. For. All.

Sorry, you are barking up a dead tree. No program that is controlled by our Central Government can be trusted to
take care of the health of Americans, ever!

At least not until We the People have regained control of our government and have a firm grip on keeping control.

You have seen how schools that refuse to comply with “the government’s” dictate that all will comply therewith and
allow LGBTs to use whatever bathroom that they deem to associate with their chosen orientation and not their
physical identity. Immediately threats came forth to force compliance or loose Federal funding for schools.

Do you want to see a government like our wherein no-one has the guts to speak out against any sort of program the
president spits forth, no matter what it is or how much it threatens the very Constitution founding our country and
containing the dictates for its operation, as it was written and has been legally amended in accordance with Article V,

There could be a single system for caring for all American Citizens only, organized by all of the States and controlled
by all of the States working together and following the rules to which they have all agreed. Like a Health Constitution.
Each State would run/administer its portion of the responsibility in according to the rules to which it has agreed.

A central finance center would have to be established operated by members from each State each having equal
voice in operating decisions. All final actions to be approved by a National Vote to be held every other year as
part of the ballot through which seats vacated in our Federal Government are filled.

Members of the Central Finance Center would be connected electronically and the representatives for each State
would work from their respective States offices using computers resources to do their work. Meetings would be
held by video conference calls as often as necessary for smooth operation.

States would have some oversight but no decision making authority or ability to handle financial matters. The
monies for the health program would not be part of any State’s budget. Each State would collect the funds
from its citizens and then pass them on to the State’s Health Program Office. The cost associated with the
collection of funds to be written off as operating expenses. No reimbursements to be made from Healthcare
monies. The people from each State working for the Healthcare System to be paid by their respective States
but not from the Healthcare resources.

All claims would come from State citizens to the state offices for review, approval and payment.

A schedule of acceptable fees based on identified services provided would have to be created so that doctors
get a fair fee for the services they provide. The Schedule of Fees would be negotiated with doctors from all
genre of care and once set, would remain fixed until new rates could be negotiated based on verifiable justification
for the increase, or decrease.

Since everyone is to be covered everyone will have to pay into the system including those on the public dole.
Each support check will have a set amount deducted for healthcare expenses with limits assigned on the number
of doctor’s visits a person can claim each month. Excess visits will cause an increase in contributions from the
next months support check. No emergency room visits permitted for non-emergency treatment.

Those able to pay will have a fixed rate to pay. Rates will be established by income levels established from
State Income Tax Records for those States with an income tax and from Federal Income Tax Records for those
of States that do not. Payments not to exceed a percentage of income after taxes to be established by State
Healthcare panels taking into consideration all conditions affecting incomes in their particular State.

Should there be an excess of funds collected they will not be distributed to the States or Central Government.
Should excesses accrue for three years the excess from the first of the three years will be given back to the
people based on the amount they paid in. If excess continues to accrue the process of reimbursement will
continue so that only two years of excesses will remain on hand at a time. These funds to be used in the
event a sudden and unexpected demand for healthcare should take place.

The system will have its up and downs until operations are fine tuned under actual use. Then all should
work well without government interference or control.

Sounds good to me!

Joseph D. Hollinger
God Bless America,
My Country tis of Thee!

On 5/22/2016 5:34 PM, Robert wrote:

Joseph D.,

It won’t even take a minute.

Add your name now if you agree that America should move toward single-payer, Medicare for All, universal health coverage.

See our previous alert, copied below in case you missed it, for more information.


Robert Weissman
President, Public Citizen

Update from Public Citizen

Joseph D.,

Fifty-eight percent.

That’s how many Americans — according to a just-released Gallup poll — would prefer to replace our current health insurance system “with a federally funded healthcare program providing insurance for all Americans.”

Including four out of ten Republicans!

For comparison, if a president gets more than 58% of the vote — which only Warren Harding (1920), Franklin Roosevelt (1936), Lyndon Johnson (1964), Richard Nixon (1972) and Ronald Reagan (1984) have managed — it is considered a landslide.

In other words, Americans agree that our country must — like every other wealthy nation on Earth — guarantee health care to ALL of its citizens.

Sign the petition: We the People demand and deserve single-payer, Medicare for All, universal health coverage.

Perhaps even more telling, the Gallup poll revealed that only 22% of Americans would want to repeal Affordable Care Act and NOT replace it with single-payer, Medicare for All, universal coverage.

This is a moral imperative.

And the time is NOW.

– The Entire Team at Public Citizen

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