You won’t believe what George Washington said about a Convention of States

Thank you for the links to additional information on single-issue conventions. I will visit each and learn.
I appreciate your taking the time to send me those links. Keep up your work and dedication to an issue you
you favor so much.

The thing that bothers me is the lack of truthfulness evidenced in those now serving in our country under the guise of
serving the People. Corruption is so rampant and the disregard for the Constitution as it was written is run amok and
it is unsafe to expect any of them to follow the rules or the law, including the Supreme Court.

Concerning term limits, the safest way to limit terms is to promote the idea that We the People can control terms at
the ballot box by enforcing the Constitution, the Law, and not allowing anyone to serve more time than that provided
for them to serve by the Framers. The Framers knew well that people left in office too long would fall to the unguarded
temptations to which they are continuously exposed, that have no penalties for abuse.

Article I. Section 2. says that Members (that means all of them) shall be chosen by the People of the several States
every second Year. That clearly means all Members are to be new every second year to serve in the “People’s House.”

Article I. Section 3. says that each State shall have two Senators, chosen by the People thereof, for six years, …. That
clearly means each Senator shall serve for six years and return to their home and take up the life they left in order
to serve.

Article II. Section 1. Establishes the Executive position for the United States of America in a President, and a Vice-President
elected for the same Term. The most powerful sentence in the Constitution (my opinion) comes next. This sentence
establishes that no woman is to be President and that a President shall serve for four years only.

“He shall hold his Office for the Term of four Years, ….” “He shall hold his” cannot mean anything but only a man can
be President of the U.S.. There is nothing in those words that can be bent or twisted enough to find a her. We must
remember that at the time the Framers did their work, women did not participate publicly. They had far too much
responsibilities at home. This was normal for those times and accepted by most. Discrimination was not invented, yet.
Thus, it was normal not to consider their taking part or wanting to do so.

Until there is an Article V. amendment ratified by three-fourths of the States without changes, that affords women equal
status with men for holding public offices, women cannot hold public offices anywhere. Allowing them to do so,
continue to do so, is unconstitutional. We all have been empowered with the duty for preserving, protecting and
defending the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. We have both now.

The rest of the sentence from Article II. Section 1. “Office for the Term of four Years, ….” clearly means that “the Term”
is singular and means “one term” of four Years. Thus, we have propagandized into believing that a President can
serve two four-year terms. The propaganda is supported by the 22nd Amendment which provides that a President
can serve only two terms. You will notice that limiting service to two terms also allows service for two terms.

The 22nd Amendment must be repealed because it means nothing. It does not change or reference Article II. Section 1.
which establishes how long a President shall serve. Thus, the 22nd Amendment should be null and void.

Have a great day!

On 5/18/2016 2:56 PM, info wrote:

We are calling for what’s called a “single-issue” convention. Our convention will be called for the sole purpose of limiting the power of the federal government and the federal debt. That means that individuals such as this will be unable to abolish parts or mandates of the constitution, or propose amendments that are not advisable. Here is a link to a document which explains what a single-issue convention is:

Additionally, here is a link to a page that explains why single-subject conventions are so safe and cannot be used to allow other agendas to take over the constitution:

Joshua Kavanagh

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