Vet Congressman: Obama lied, media is covering for him


Since Mr. De Santis is a strict constitutionalist, he should know that the Constitution contains term limits for
members of the House, the Senate and the President/Vice-President. It appears that no-one chooses to
follow the dictates the Framers included concerning how long a person is to serve.

The Constitution and the laws that existed prior to its ratification are not suggestions for the operation
of our country and the People’s government, they are hard and fast orders that must be followed to the
letter, without exception, modification or interpretation. These orders, that we accepted when the States
ratified the Constitution, are as cast in stone and can only be changed by amendment using the processes
exactly as spelled out in Article V.

Article I. Sections 2. and 3. contain the limited amounts of time to be served by Members of the House
and Senators. Article II. Section 1. sets the time that a president is to serve “the Term of four Years” not
two terms. It also shows that only a man can be President “He shall hold his Office”. That means, in
effect that no woman is to be President, Vice-President, or hold any other public office until an Article V.
amendment gives women equal status with men for holding public office. Women did nothing outside
the home at the time the Constitution was framed.

The following Preface shows that the document following it was written for boys at a much later date.
No matter what has happened in the past repeatedly doing something wrong does not make it right.
Reparations must be made when the wrong is discovered. Now is that time. Following these Articles
to the letter and following the rules of grammar that must be used in a document as important as the
Constitution, the basis for our System of Laws. The use of the word “shall” is an order cast in stone.
Words that define numbers, time, etc. must be taken as written. The Supreme Court does not have
the duty or authority to interpret the Framer’s words as they claim. Nothing in the Constitution gives
them the right to interpret. Interpretation is to change something to agree with the mind of the
interpreter. Since no-one is living that took part in the framing there is no way to prove the
interpretations do not change the Framers orders without an Article V. amendment.

The following paragraphs are the Preface from “Elementary Catechism on the Constitution” by Arthur J.
Stansbury. Originally published in 1828. I hope you will read this and understand the manner in which
the Constitution was written in order that all who read it will have no trouble comprehending the
Framers dictates.

Have a great day. Sorry to pour water on your reelection plans but, reelections are unconstitutional.
The fastest way to start America’s return to the Constitution is for no-one to be reelected to any office
every again. The Framers new well the weaknesses of men exposed, over time, to unguarded temptations
for which there are not penalties for abuse. That once men have taken advantage of those temptations,
the gains therefrom would become their master and they would serve nothing else. In case you haven’t
looked, everyone in all three branches of our government has succumbed.

Joseph D. Hollinger
God Bless America,
My Country tis of Thee!

On 5/17/2016 9:21 AM, N. Jones wrote:

Veteran Ron DeSantis is running for Florida Senate to replace Marco Rubio. He is calling out Obama’s lies about the Iran deal because he served on the frontlines and watched his fellow soldiers die at the hands of Iranian militias. We must support him and elect a proud conservative in Florida.

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