We need your help right away for this urgent call to action to fight a Constitutional Convention..

Know what? I think you either don’t know what you are doing, or, you do know what you are doing and you are trying to double-speak us into believing there is no danger in convening a Constitutional Convention.

What in God’s Name makes you think anyone will obey new amendments if they do get ratified and become binding on Americans? No-one obeys any laws they don’t want to obey and nothing is done about it now.

In fact, there are probably millions of laws enacted that do not contain funding and support for enforcement. Thus, the law is not worth the papaer it is printed upon.

This is exactly what you are willing to risk our Constitution for in order to get toothless amendments with now enforcement provisions or finances to empower them if there were any.

Have you reviewed the “requirements” that “shall” be met in order to amend the Constitution? They are many and they are constructed to force the amendment process to be long and burdensome and to meet with many restarts of the processes until such time as a consensus of three-fourths of the States can be achieved without anyone changing anything about the proposed amendment.

If one state makes a change in the proposed amendment as it is passing through towards ratification the entire process must start over again, and continue to do so until it passes through with no changes. But, ratification does not a binding amendment make. Most time there are time specifications included in the verbiage and all of those have to be met after ratification before the amendment can become binding. These processes could take years and meet with many, many failures along the way.

It would be far simpler to just encourage everyone to not reelect anyone at any time and protect the Constitution by doing so.

We must get rid of everyone currently in office and install new people that know they are to serve for one term and go back home

Wake up and smell the roses and do things the simple way. The KISS principle is the best way.

Joseph D. Hollinger
God Bless America!

On 5/11/2016 2:25 PM, The Convention of States Missouri Team wrote:

We need your help right away for this urgent call to action.

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