ADV: The feds follow a different Constitution… here’s how

Mark Meckler,,

I sincerely take exception to your efforts to convene a Constitutional Convention in order to impose term limits on politicians. Bad idea when the Constitution, as it was written and legally amended using the processes in Article V. thereof, the only way that the Constitution can be changed, already contains specific periods of time members of the Legislative Branch and Executive Branch are to serve.

A document having the importance and purpose of founding our country and establishing the rules for managing the People’s government cannot be treated as a living document to be kept up to date with the times. In fact, it is the basis of our system of laws and as such cannot be changed in any way other than that method included within the document for doing so.

The Framers established the processes in Article V. to be very long and difficult to accomplish for a reason. That reason is what you see our run amok government doing to day; making willy-nilly changes for momentary political agenda that increase the risk of tyranny by our own government.

All of the changes you mentioned are illegal and no-one in the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, or the Judicial Branch has the power given them by the Framers, to change the Constitution. Not by executive order, decree, or other action resulting in a change; not by legislative action that will cause changes now or as a consequence of some other action, and, the Supreme Court claims it is responsible for interpreting the Framer’s words. It is not! Nowhere in the Constitution is the Supreme Court given any such power or duty. It has decided it has to have that power in order to support political agenda and special interests.

The Constitution, being our founding document, and, the very foundation of our System of Laws, cannot be changed from the original because to do so would alter any and all legal decisions and rulings that were made prior to a change and make all decisions and opinions during that time concerning the same parts of the Constitution, null and void and in need or retrial.

The original Constitution is the document that rules, nothing else is legal no matter what our corrupt and legislating from the bench (unconstitutional) Supreme Court says or rules. Their interpretations are illegal and non-binding on Americans. Their duty is to apply the original demands of the Framers as they are written in plain English using the rules of grammar. They are to test the conditions and facts in each case against what was originally written and determine if the acts being tried have, or have not violated the Constitution. No more.

Nullification applies to all unconstitutional acts by government. We do not have to obey unconstitutional ruling and demands. It is our duty to nullify them and refuse to obey, enforcing the rule of law and pulling the errant branch of our government back to the Constitution.

We the People are responsible for managing our government and keeping it on track with the Constitution as it was written and legally amended. Up until this time we have been negligent in our duties and allowed politicians to run rough shod over the intent of the Framers.

We can do that with bloodshed as the Framers predicted that we would have to do so someday because of the weaknesses of man when exposed to unprotected temptations, over time, with no penalties for abuses. They would come to think they are omnipotent and deserving of holding their high office for ever. That they were meant to rule over the rest of the people and deserving because of their station in life. HELLO, we are there. Those in government will do ANYTHING to keep being reelected and continuing their self-serving behavior, ignoring the People and their Oath of Office.

Therein lies our only course of action. WE MUST EXACT TERM LIMITS AT THE BALLOT BOX. WE MUST NOT REELECT ANYONE EVER AGAIN as the Framers intended in their orders that only the lengths of service they specified are to be served and no more. If we do not reelect anyone we will end the rein of the abusers that have been in office far longer than one term and start with new people that know they are serving but one term from the getgo. We will have two classes of Senators to vote out of office over the next four years and then we will have everyone serving one term and not worrying about reelection. That in itself will give us the benefit of people serving us for their entire time in office.

Article I. Section 2. orders that “Members” of the House “shall” be chosen every second year – period! No reelections permitted.

Article I. Section 3. orders that each State shall have two Senators, chosen by the People thereof, for six years – period! No reelections permitted.

Article II. Section 1. includes one very powerful sentence concerning a President and his service that tells us a lot.
“He shall hold his Office for the Term of four Years, ….” “He shall hold his Office” tells us that a President “shall” be a man only. The rest of the sentence: “for the Term of four Years, ….” clearly states that a President is to serve one Term (the Term) and that its length shall be four Years and no more.

The 22nd Amendment was a clever attempt at allowing a President to serve two terms of four years as well as limiting him to two terms of four years. You cannot limit what you don’t have. The 22nd Amendment fails to mention or change Article II. Section 1. making the amendment null and void.

Please do not pursue a Constitutional Convention to amend the Constitution to fix what is already there. Instead, advocate that no-one votes to reelect anyone and explain the dangers in voting a party ticket. Most important, people must vote for the best candidates regardless of party affiliation.

Please change your direction and lets set term limits the easy way.

Joseph D. Hollinger
God Bless America!

On 5/10/2016 8:03 PM, Mark Meckler wrote:

The feds follow a different Constitution… here’s how

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