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Healthcare is not a right! Our rights come from our Creator and the three most often quoted are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness amongst others.

God, our Creator, created man in his own image that he drew in the sand and into which he breathed life. Thus, man has all the same freedoms as our Creator.

The right to Life means that no-one but the Creator can take your life from you. The right to Liberty means that you shall live free from bondage and be slave to no entity. The right to Pursue Happiness means you are to be happy where you can find opportunities.

These three rights all depend on you doing what needs to be done in order for you to enjoy them. The same applies to all the rights the Creator has bestowed on man through his being created in God’s image.

Nothing is a gift. Nothing is guaranteed. Nothing is for nothing. Nothing is a right to the extent someone else has to do something for you without your contribution to the effort.

My impression is that God makes life difficult for those that do not follow his laws and strive to make the World a better place than it was when you came into it. Those that expect a free ride on the backs of others who work hard to improve their lots in life will have difficult lives for this reason. So will those that choose not to worship God through Jesus Christ and to trust in his wisdom and power for his names sake.

There should be no free rides for healthcare either. One possible exception being those that have been stricken with a life-long illness or disability for which no cure exists. God wants us to be charitable and in the case of those that “cannot” do for themselves should be cared for by those that have the ability to do so. All others must contribute to the cost of their remaining healthy in a manner to be determined or do without.

The Work Projects Administration (WPA) once existed to get public projects work completed. Since we are paying wages for which we get nothing in return having those on the dole do needed work on public projects in return for the money they get would be quite fair. Part of their pay would be healthcare for them and their families.

Those that have “chosen” to be wards of the State should get nothing to support their worthlessness. Those that choose not to find means for supporting their lives must do without. They must also be forbidden from having children which they are likely to never be able to support. Volunteering to go on public assistance for longer than a few months, during which they can prove they were making numerous honest efforts to earn compensation for their personal well being, should not be allowed. Sterilization for those that make the choice to be wards of the public should be required.

Threats of sterilization, ill health, and starvation that will be carried out will offer the deterrent needed to keep people off of the public dole.

The United States is no longer a wealthy country. Thanks to the privately owned bank, the Federal Reserve, part of the World Bank, we are well on the way to becoming insolvent. The dollar was once the currency chosen for commerce around the World. Many countries are leaning towards dumping the dollar and turning to a currency pool. If they do that, our economy will go down the toilet overnight. You won’t be able to buy a loaf of bread for a wheelbarrow full of dollars. IF you could find a loaf of bread to buy, that is.

Obama and his Muslim puppeteer, Valerie Jarrett, want all white Americans destitute and in the minority and insignificant in their own country. Any program that government controls and citizens need becomes a tool for tyranny and control. Healthcare that each person purchases for himself, like it use to be, is the only way to go. IF the government is to control anything they can control the amount insurance companies are allowed to charge and forbid the exclusion of treatments prescribed by a person’s physician for their care.

Wake up Public Citizen, them ain’t roses over yonder, its skunk cabbage painted pink.

Joseph D. Hollinger
God Bless America!

On 5/4/2016 3:04 PM, Public Citizen Team wrote:

Update from Public Citizen

Joseph D.,

The United States is the only wealthy country on Earth that still puts its citizens at the mercy of a private, for-profit health insurance regime.

Every year, that system wastes $400 billion.

Millions of men, women and children can’t go to the doctor when they get sick.

And tens of thousands die.

Not because of a medical condition, but because of an insurance condition.

That condition is 100 percent curable — if we work together and refuse to accept the immoral status quo.

And while the Affordable Care Act has provided some relief, let’s not forget that it has also perpetuated the private, for-profit insurance model, providing the industry millions of additional customers and even further consolidating its power.

What we need — what the American people deserve — is single-payer, Medicare-for-All universal health coverage.

That’s something Public Citizen has been fighting for. For decades. Literally.

In fact, taking on what some deem “impossible” — then doing the painstaking, thankless, behind-the-scenes work, year after year after year, to ultimately win where others were afraid to fight at all — is our specialty.

  • We will block any and all attempts — from the left or the right — to compromise, privatize or voucherize Medicare, the most successful social program in our nation’s history.
  • We will continue working in Congress, in the courts and in the states to advance single-payer, Medicare-for-All.
  • We will bring to bear the full force of Public Citizen’s 45-years-and-counting policy and political expertise — along with our 400,000 members and supporters nationwide — to once and for all recognize that health care is a right.

One more time:

Health. Care. Is. A. Right.

Donate now to help us keep fighting.

Anything you contribute today will be matched dollar-for-dollar.

This is not impossible.

It is imperative.

– The Entire Team at Public Citizen

P.S. If you’ve donated recently, thank you for supporting this shared project called Public Citizen. Everybody in, nobody out!

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