“we will shoot more police” is not a threat to be taken lightly! Read Me!

Why isn’t this person with the sign not being arrested?

“we will shoot more police”

If you can look at this picture, read the sign and
DO NOT Pass this on . . . SHAME ON YOU!
Take a good look at the sign he is holding!
Ok, all you pushing for illegal immigrants’ rights….

Here is one of the

Reasons we have a problem with it.

We are the ones that will have to pay for the welfare of these immigrants,
depriving all of our natural citizens!!

“Give us what we demand or
we will shoot your loved ones” .

This is only one of the several reasons the U.S.A. Is falling apart.
This will also be a cause for revolution in the United States which is what Obama wants.
Then he can invoke NSPD-51 and take over as dictator of America.

Don’t you people get what Obama is doing? He is moving quickly to break our economy and make it impossible for us to financially support welfare programs of all sorts. When the United States is broke and there is no more money for people like those below or for our own citizens Obama will have us where he wants us. He will make everyone suffer by doing without the necessities for life for long enough to riots to start and people to start dying due to violence caused by those without attacking everyone they think has what they want and/or need to keep from starving to death. When that has happened Obama will declare martial law and step up and offer to make people all better again if they will surrender their freedom in exchange for those things they need to resume living without fear of starvation and being killed by rioters. People will surrender by the millions.

This is what happened to the People of Austria. Hitler stepped in a promised them a rose garden instead of the destitution they were suffering through if they would surrender Austria to his control. They were desperate and they surrendered only to learn what suffering really was. Death at the hands of a mad man, all for naught!

ALL immigration must be stopped now using whatever methods we have to do so. Its time to start threatening your members of Congress: stop it all now or you are so out of office you won’t know what hit you. Make darn sure they know there is no way you will tolerate Obama opening the doors of America to those with communicable diseases long ago cured and/or managed here in the U.S. We cannot raise havoc with the health of U.S. citizens in order to be good guys and do the right thing for others as our Christian religion wants us to do. There is a time when caution must prevail and now is that time. Make darn sure that everyone of your representatives in Congress, both the House and Senate know how sincere you are with your demands that they obey you immediately!! We have no choice but to get dead serious with our demands and live up to our threats!!

Enough said!

Boy-oh-Boy, this needs to travel around the U.S.A. don’t let it die folks.

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