Re Are you sure I am sure tired of you rich and powerful elite progressives and your un-American agenda

I get sick and tired of all this give me money stuff from political organizations that have
larger bankrolls than many banks. If you can triple up on donations from We the People
why don’t you just cough up the money yourself. It is your political organization that you
are attempting to save from the Trump organization. You pay up and save your own behinds.

I don’t approve of all your fat cat members that constantly act outside of the Constitution
and to its detriment for their own benefits. I will not fund your continued abuse of the
Constitution at every turn in the road so that members can live high on ego, power,
influence, and cash from special interests. You people are “public servants”, got that,
servants, not demigods. You are no different than any other U.S. citizen except that you
volunteered to represent your constituents from your home district in the management
of their government. You still only have one voice to add to choices of actions to take
towards the issue of the moment. That means that if more people want the opposite
choice to what you want done, you put forth your best effort to get what those for the
other choice want to happen.

When you were elected you didn’t suddenly become omnipotent and all powerful. You
are the same person you were when you were elected. The difference being that you have
honored by your elections with the duty of representing those that elected you and
preserving, protecting, and defending the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign
and domestic at all times and in all places. Your duty to the Constitution does not
diminish because what you have to do to protect it might anger your party and/or
your constituents. You do what has to be done as a U.S. citizen patriot regardless
of the impact of your actions on you personally or your family and/or political position.

The Constitution must be obeyed just as it was written and has been legally amended
in accordance with Article V thereof. Be reminded that Article V amendment is the only
way that the Constitution can be changed. There is no other way. If the President,
Congress, and/or the Supreme Court attempt to change anything about the
Constitution they are weakening the foundation upon which our Republic has been
established. The structure upon which a nation has been built cannot be changed without
changing everything that has taken place since it was built following the design ratified
by the People of the United States.

So like it or not, the President, the Congress and the Supreme do not have the power
or authority to change anything about the Constitution. No changes by decree or
Executive Order, not by passing laws or publishing opinions, and not be interpretations
by the Supreme Court. Article V amendments are the only way any changes can be
made much to the chagrin of all politicians and special interests.

So, once you have committed and used all the funds available in party coffers then
come begging with good reason. Else, shut the heck up and leave me alone.

God Bless America,
Joseph D. Hollinger
American to the Bone!

On 4/30/2016 12:59 PM, Roger F. Wicker wrote:

Joseph D.,

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Roger F. Wicker,
NRSC Chairman

Paid for by the NRSC.
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NRSC, 425 2nd Street NE, Washington D.C. 20002

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