Chelsea Clinton: Now That Scalia Is Gone, My Mom Will Solve Gun Control With The Supreme Court

Chelsea Clinton: Now That Scalia Is Gone, My Mom Will Solve Gun Control With The Supreme Court

Friday, April 22, 2016

What don’t these elite progressive assholes understand about the Constitution? There is no person or entity that can change the Constitution, including the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court does not have the power or right to interpret the Constitution because if their interpretation is not the same as the Framer’s it would be a change to the Constitution.

The only way that the Constitution can be changed is through the processes provided by the Framers for doing so in Article V, thereof. The Framers made amending the Constitution a long, arduous, time consuming process on purpose. You are seeing and hearing about many political agenda right now that are examples of why decisions of the moment cannot be used to change our founding document, the basis for our System of Laws. It takes a lot of work to get the people of three-fourths of the States to agree to an amendment. If during the process of ratification any disagree with any part of the proposed amendment the processes have to start over and over until all agree and the ratification process completes. But, that doesn’t mean the amendment becomes part of our Constitution at that time. It could take years longer until all of the conditions included within the amendment are satisfied in order to have the amendment affect our System of Laws.

Chelsea is proposing violation of our un-infringeable right to keep and bear arms through pressure on the Supreme Court to take action through politically motivated pressure on the Justices of the Supreme Court to interpret some proposal to control firearms favorable to the political agenda of the moment. Sorry, this is not the way the Constitution is changed. An Article V. amendment is the only way it can be changed – THE ONLY WAY!!

We the People are totally stupid and un-American if we allow any such thing to happen to our Constitution. WE MUST ALL STAND TALL and DEMAND that no changes be allowed by anyone by writ, executive order, passing laws, or interpretation by the Supreme Court.

COME ON PEOPLE listen to the news, do searches on the Internet, rally your friends and family and do a mass phone campaign to prevent this crap from happening. We must return to the Constitution as it was written and legally amended in accordance with Article V.

If we are disarmed, as has happened to people the World over, many times. We will become slaves to government, not free citizens of our own country. GOT IT? This is no bull, I mean it now is the time to stop watching and start acting or forever hold your peace because you won’t be allowed to speak freely any longer.



Chelsea Clinton: Now That Scalia Is Gone, My Mom Will Solve Gun Control With The Supreme Court

ArtFriday, April 22, 2016
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Chelsea Clinton said Thursday at an event in Maryland that there is now an opportunity for gun control legislation to pass the Supreme Court since Justice Antonin Scalia passed away. “It matters to me that my mom also recognizes the role the Supreme Court has when it comes to gun control. With Justice Scalia on the bench, one of the few areas where the Court actually had an inconsistent record relates to gun control,” Clinton said. “Sometimes the Court upheld local and state gun control measures as being compliant with the Second Amendment and sometimes the Court struck them down.” Clinton then touted her mother’s record on gun control issues and knowledge that the Supreme Court has an effect on whether many gun control laws stand. “So if you listen to Moms Demand Action and the Brady Campaign and the major efforts pushing for smart, sensible and enforceable gun control across our country, disclosure, have endorsed my mom, they say they believe the next time the Court rules on gun control, it will make a definitive ruling,” Clinton said. “So it matters to me that my mom is the only person running for president who not only constantly makes that connection but also has a strong record on gun control and standing up to the NRA.”

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