Retire Senator, you are violating the Constitution having served more than one term.

Retire Senator, you are violating the Constitution having served more than one term.

Since Roy Blunt represents himself as a conservative Republican and a man that will
always preserve, protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and
domestic, why doesn’t he honor his oath and support the Constitution in every way?

He is just a bag of wind that likes to see his face in print and in videos. He is as guilty
of taking advantage of unguarded temptations without penalties for abuse, to which
he is, and has been exposed during the time he has been in public offices.

The Constitution expressly limits the amount of time a Senator is to serve to six years.
There are no provisions in the Constitution that permit anyone to serve longer in the
Senate. Anything that is not expressly permitted, or expressly prohibited in the
Constitution is permitted the States or the People.

Politicians have been abusing the words of the Framers that limit the time anyone
in the Administrative Branch and the Legislative Branch is to hold office before
returning home to take up the life they left in order to serve their country and their

The Framers limited the amount of time to be served to prevent corruption and tyranny
as a result of the weaknesses of men exposed to unguarded temptations, over time, for
which there are no penalties for abuse.

Our government has completely collapsed as a result of people remaining in office just
to continue their access to those temptations and to personal power, influence, and
wealth. Tyranny is just around the corner and could well raise its ugly head prior to
the elections.

My guess is that Obama will exercise National Security Presidential Directive-51,
(NSPD-51) Continuity of Government, instituted in April of 2007 by George W. Bush,
to disband the Supreme Court and send Congress home while remaining as the only
person in control of the United States government after he decides that a National
Emergency exists during which harm to America and Americans is imminent. Martial
law will follow.

What National Emergency will place America and Americans in imminent danger?
Hillary Clinton losing the ability to become President. When that becomes clear,
violence in the form of Muslim uprisings (with help from those illegal immigrants
coming here from the Southern Border) in communities all over the United States.

No President, or other member of government has the power to place himself as
unilateral leader of the United States. The United States does not belong to the
government. It belongs to the People and those in government are servants of the
People. The People elect people to work as their representatives for governing our
country because We the People are too numerous and spread over too large an
area to physically participate in the government of our country in person. Thus,
those we elect are to do our bidding only. Not that of political party leadership,
not that of special interests, nor that/those of other individuals or groups, and,
not any personal decisions concerning what their constituents need or don’t
need. The People’s representatives are to have but one arena in which they are
to think and act; determining how to best accomplish the needs of the people,

Senator Blunt, you have far exceeded the constitutional limit for serving in
the Senate. Its time for you to return home and take up whatever life you had
prior to government service. Your being in office violates the Constitution that
you have sworn numerous times that you will preserve, protect and defend
against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, and have failed to do.

How have you failed? One way is by allowing a President to be seated without
being vetted. Another is allowing that President to have a Chief Adviser that is
connected to radical Communists, is Muslim, and came up through positions
served questionably in the corrupt machine politics of Mayor Daley’s Chicago,
Valerie Jarrett. She controls Obama. He openly admits that he does or says
nothing without passing it through her first. He has to because doing so is
part of his conditions for being where he is. He must follow orders and help
destroy America’s freedom so Islam can take over in the One World Government
being implemented by the United Nations through U.N. Agenda 2030 disguised
as an agenda for “sustainability” of the Earth from the harmful effects of
industrialization caused global warming.

By the year 2030 all remaining peoples will be slaves to the U.N. controlled government
by the rich and powerful dictators of the World who will use the rest of the
remaining people as personal slaves for maintenance and advancement of their
empires of control. Millions will have to die in order for that agenda to attain
the total numbers of people on Earth that are “sustainable.”

Do you homework, Senator Blunt, and stop working to perpetuate you rein
and ill-gotten gains from the temptations you violated for your personal gain.

Get a Life Somewhere Besides in Our Government,

Joseph D. Hollinger
God Bless America!

Obama will claim
On 4/4/2016 9:40 AM, Team Blunt wrote:



We had our best online fundraising quarter yet, and we have you to thank! It’s because of incredible grassroots supporters like you that we’re going to be able to run the best campaign in the country. Roy’s been traveling across Missouri hearing from voters on the issues that matter most, and it was great to let him know just how many people stood up and had his back.

It’s all because of your support, Friend, that we’re going to be able to carry Roy’s message of commonsense conservatism to Washington.

Now, let’s make April even better.

Thank you,

Team Blunt

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