Saving Freedom and Liberty for everyone!

When are people going to listen to common sense? Obama was never vetted for one very obvious reason, he would not have gotten into the White House if he had
been because of his ties to subversive groups and because of his history with the
corrupt regime of the dictator mayor of Chicago, Daley. One of the major players in the Daley regime is now Obama’s Chief Adviser, Valerie Jarrett, who was conveniently not vetted either.

Jarrett is responsible for Michelle Obama meeting Barrack Obama. Michelle was working for the Daley regime when they were intrduced. Jarret brought them together (I wonder why?) and has been personally involved ever since. in fact,
Jarrett is so closely involved she is descibed as a close family “friend”. So close that she lives in the White House at taxpayer’s expense.

So close that Obama doesn’t do or say anything without her approval. He openly
admits to that with a big smile on his face to let us all know that he sees nothing wrong with sharing everything with her and depending on her approval before acting or speaking.

Evidently most Americans, that care enough to be interested in what is happening
within their government, which is a far smaller than most people would imagine, if
they should ever imagine, that is, have no idea who she is, what her history includes, who she has relationships with, and, the fact that she is Muslim, born
in Iran. Worse yet, is that when her history is scrutinized as it should have been
during vetting, she should not work in any position that allows her access to classified information meant for the President’s eyes only, which she is.

Reportedly, Jarrett is omnipresent in everything taking place in the White House. No
matter what group is meeting or the classification of the information being discussed, she can be expected to walk in, uninvited.

Jarrett should have been suspect as the enemy within a long time ago. Yet, there is
not one person in Washington with guts enough to confront her. Want to start the recovery of America? Get the gangster, Communist, Muslim out of the White House and make absolutely certain that she has no contact with anyone involved in/with
the U.S. Government ever again. Especially, Huma Mahmood Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s Chief Adviser.

Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin have the same kind of relationship that the Obamas
and Jarrett have and, I suspect that both relationships have been cultivated from day
one with the intent of having people control our government that could never do so
in any other way. That is why you can bet that Hillary will become President no matter
what she has done or is accused of doing. Abedin has been grooming Clinton for this
for over 20 years. Those behind this plan are not going to refused victory and allow
their loss of control of the destruction of the United States from within. Count on it.

Want to save America and freedom for all? Lock up Abedin and Jarrett right now!

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