The dangers Muslims and reelections represent to us all.

That is what I originally thought until I started reading about the havoc
refugees are causing in European countries. In 2014 Muhammad was the most
popular name for boy babies in England. In Germany it is expected that in ten
years real born and bread Germans will be a minority segment of the population
there and if a few additional years you won’t be able to find a real German.

This is how Muslim intend to become the majority in every country. They intend
to breed their way to the majority of the populations in every country. That is the
reason the Muslim men in the picture all appear to be of fighting age.

They didn’t come to fight. They came to F–K everything is site from nine years old
and up and make as many Muslim babies as they possibly can. Each Muslim can
have up to four wives and if each wife has six kids that is 24 children per male
Muslim over his lifetime. If twelve of each 24 are male, it won’t be many years
before the offspring are pumping out 24 of their own. That is when population
increases in Muslim counts really escalate.

Now you know the rest of the story. Those Muslim males are of that age so they
can spread their germs all over the World, consume native populations and make
Islam the POWER that controls all. And away goes every white person, bread out
of existence.

Every girls from the age of five will be a potential germ recipient, and, five year old
girls have been know to get pregnant, and, they have been know to die having their
insides turn up during sex. The fact that they died is the girls’ fault, they should not
have looked so good as to entice a male to have sex with them. A male can do no
wrong except to dishonor Islam and/or speak poorly of Muhammad.

I highly suggest that everyone that has not read the Second Amendment, do so.
Then, follow up by doing their civic duty and buying arms and ammunition then
training everyone in you family how to shoot really well so they can bear their
arms and preserve, protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, both
foreign and domestic.

We cannot afford to have corrupt, self-serving politicians anywhere in government
State or National. If you will take the time and read Article I, Sections 2. and 3. as
well as Article II. Section 1. in the Constitution you will clearly see that politicians
have been taking liberties when reading these Articles since ratification.

Most presidents followed Washington’s example and served two terms only.
Even this was against what the Framers intended. They were to serve but one term
and go back home and nothing has changed that for Presidents or for Members in
the House or for Senators as the Articles referenced prove. You must understand
the rules of grammar and apply them while you read the first parts of each Article.

Sorry for the lecture, but ….

Stay well and pass the word that we must never reelect anyone again. The results of
reelections could not be more clear than they are right now. The U.S. cannot take
anymore and survive as a sovereign republic. Refusing to reelect is the only way we
can save our heritage without bloodshed. Please pass this on and try to wake up as
many people as you can to the dangers reelections pose to us all.


On 4/1/2016 2:40 PM, crseloc wrote:

And notice they are mostly young men of fighting age

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