ADV: The Threat Is Real: They Want To Use Nukes And Radiation To Kill Us

You people ;haven’t done your research. A gas mask will not protect anyone from a Nuclear/Radiological (the same) attack.
The largest particle, called beta particles, cannot penetrate

most substances because they are too large.
Xrays will penetrate almost everything but thick lead because of its density.

The following information is from:

“The energy of a nuclear explosion is transferred to the surrounding medium in three distinct forms: blast; thermal radiation; and nuclear radiation. The distribution of energy among these three forms will depend on the yield of the weapon, the location of the burst, and the characteristics of the environment. For a low altitude atmospheric detonation of a moderate sized weapon in the kiloton range, the energy is distributed roughly as follows:

50% as blast;

35% as thermal radiation; made up of a wide range of the electromagnetic spectrum, including infrared, visible, and ultraviolet light and some soft x-ray emitted at the time of the explosion; and

15% as nuclear radiation; including 5% as initial ionizing radiation consisting chiefly of neutrons and gamma rays emitted within the first minute after detonation, and 10% as residual nuclear radiation. Residual nuclear radiation is the hazard in fallout.

Considerable variation from this distribution will occur with changes in yield or location of the detonation.”

If you are interested in telling the truth and selling your products to people without trying to pull the wool over their eyes,
read the rest of the article by following the above link.

Mean time, how about helping to pass the word so We the People know not to reelect anyone ever again. This is the only non-violent way we are going to save our
country and get rid of all of the Progressive Elites that think they are entitled to rule over us because their positions make them better than those they are supposed to represent.

Save America without violence, refuse to reelect anyone to any office ever again!

Joseph D. Hollinger
God Bless America!

On 3/25/2016 12:37 PM, The Daily Sheeple wrote:

The Threat Is Real: They Want To Use Nukes And Radiation To Kill Us

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