Save America, do not reelect anyone!!!

The Establishment parties are getting desperate as predicted. They see and smell the
demise of their empires and they will do whatever it takes, even assassination of
Trump to stay in control of the U.S. Don’t believe me? Keep watching the news.
Remember, don’t believe a thing you hear or see unless you verify it through your
own research. Propaganda will fly now, by the boatload. You will hear horror story
after horror story about what will happen to us all if Trump wins and especially if he
wins and picks Ted Cruz or Ben Carson for his Vice President.

Here is what We the People must do to save our country from today on. We are
not quite to the place where we must exercise our 2nd Amendment rights but don’t
put your arms aside yet.

We the People must hold every person that has been elected and everyone trying
to get elected to the Constitution, as it was written and has legally been amended
following the processes required by Article V thereof. An Article V amendment is
the only way that anything can be changed in any way in the Constitution. Neither
the President, Congress nor the Supreme Court can change what the Framers
established, in stone, in the Constitution. The Constitution is not a bunch of
suggestions for how to run our country. It is the framework for our country; the
skeleton upon which the flesh of our country has been grown. There is no deviating
from that framework, that is not, and never was an option. The Constitution was
ratified by the States and by ratifying it they accepted its contents as the law of the
land. There is no other way that will work and we have to follow the Framers orders
to the letter or we will be reduced to absolute despotism by those waiting patiently
in the wings to bring the U.S. to its knees through tyrannous acts. The plan is in
place and progress commenced in January 2016. The title of the plan is United
Nations Agenda 2030. It contains 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169
milestones for accomplishing the 17 SDGs. Sustainability sounds good and in its purist
sense, is good because we all want to live in ways that protect our surroundings.

Sustainability in Agenda 2030 is misusing that word to disguise the horror planned
for the people’s of the Earth. Look up One World Government, the New World Order,
the North American Union, the European Union and the Union of Soviet Socialist
Republics (USSR), Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler, Mao Tse Tung, and all the rest of the good
ole boys that murdered millions of their own peoples under the guise of creating a
Socialist environment under which everyone would live without want because of the
efforts of government, or out of greed, or just plain asininity. No matter what their
plan, it did nothing for the people, only for the self-appointed leaders. Take a look at
North Korea and see if you think you want to live like that. Not me!!

First, we must reacquaint ourselves with what the Framers require of us and those
to whom we give our consent to have them govern in our stead. We are too many
spread over too large an area to physically participate in our government ourselves.

For now, lets read Article I. Section 2. I quote, in part: “The House of Representatives
shall be composed of Members chosen every second Year by the People of the several
States, ….” That means that every two years the people of the several states shall
choose all new members to represent them in the House of Representatives. I will tell
you why they must all be elected each second year in just a bit.

Article 1. Section 3. I quote, in part: “The Senate of the United States shall be
composed of two Senators from each State, chosen by the People thereof for six years,
and each Senator shall have one vote.” This means that the people of the several states
shall choose two Senators to represent them in the United States Senate and those
Senators shall serve six years as members of the Senate. Shall serve for six years is an
order and a limit. Six years only and no more.

The Framers were brilliant men determined to frame a constitution that would protect
the people of the United States from the tyranny they had experienced under the
control of the King of England and prevent its return as long as succeeding generations
of Americans followed their plan exactly as they framed it. The Constitution was framed
under the assumption that those elected would be honest, patriotic men who would
always obey the Constitution and put their country before all else. It would have been
far too difficult to try and guess every way a man could go astray and provide methods
of prevention. They, instead provided rules that those elected were expected to follow
as well as processes for the People to rein them in when they chose to wander.

One period of service of a specific length of time is set in the above Articles, and others.
We the people of the United States are responsible for managing our government and
holding those we choose to govern in our stead to the Framers’ plan, cast in stone by
the language and grammar used, Why? Because the Framers were quite aware of the
weaknesses of men when exposed to unguarded temptations, over time, for which their
are no penalties for abuse. We are seeing the harmful results of unconstitutional
reelections at this very moment. We must put a stop to it, no-one else can. We the
People must refuse to reelect anyone at any time and for any reason. The benefits of
our determination to completely return to the Constitution will be significant. Just
think about this for a few moments. Every two years we would not lose months of
their service due to reelection campaigns. More citizens would be able to perform their
civic duty in public service. All those newly elected would have fresh ideas and fresh
knowledge of what concerns constituents to bring with them. The size of government
could be reduced with most of their service time being spent in their home districts in
their respective states instead of in Washington, D.C. Returning to Washington only to
address extremely important matters having a national impact. Congress is required to
meet but one day a year which was in December but has been moved by amendment
to January of each year. We need to hold them to that or as few days as possible each
year. Congress was never intended to stay convened for the entire year, only when
absolutely necessary. If Congress is convened, Congress will pass laws. We have far too
many laws now. So many that no-one knows what they are called or what purpose
they serve. The worst thing there is is that laws are passed with no means for
enforcement or funds to carry out enforcement. Laws are no use without teeth.

Article II. Section 1. has a lot of teeth that are being ignored. This is article creates the
executive power of the United States and vests it in a President. I quote, in part: “He
shall hold his Office for the Term of four Years, ….” This requires that only a man can
be President “He shall hold his Office” leaves no doubt that this is so. No amendment
has been ratified giving women equal status with men and rephrasing that to read
something like “Once successfully vetted and elected the President shall serve in that
Office for the term of four Years and no longer, ….” Since women cannot be President
then, and for the same reason, women cannot hold other public offices either. Women
were not considered for public service at the time of framing because they had far too
much to do managing their homes and families.

The end of that command ,”for the Term of four Years” clearly shows that one term
is all a president is to serve. “the term” is singular and identifies the term being four
years in length. The 22nd Amendment is two faced in that it restricts a president to
two terms and at the same time allows two terms. Its failing is that it does not
reference Article II. Section 1. or amend it. Thus, Article II. Section 1. stands as written
and controls how long a president is to serve. The 22nd Amendment is null and void
and must be nullified.

We must obey these articles and hold those that serve to them in order to start
our recovery. Please do your part and do not vote to reelect anyone irregardless of
how much you like them.

Do Not Reelect Anyone to any office in 2016. The 2016 election may well be the last
election held in our Republic. This election is probably the most important election
ever held in America. We cannot afford any business as usual. We need everyone
in Washington to be a first timer in government service with the understanding that
when they are elected they are to serve but one term and then return home. No
exception for anyone. We the People can insure the survival of our way of life and
start recovering those parts of our freedoms that have been gradually drained from
us over time by politicians too long in office.

God Bless America! God Save America! God, please wake all Americans up to the fact
that plans are already in place and operational to give America up to control by the
United Nations under a One World Government controlled by dictators, thieves, and
murders, members of the U.N. U.N. Agenda 2030 is their tool and the agenda got
underway on January 1, 2016.

President Obama slipped in another of his radicals as head of the Department of
Education. This guys goals and history remind me of what Hitler did with, and to
students. He took them away from parents and grilled his doctrine into their heads
until they were in lock step with his agenda and ideology. Those kids would, and did
turn their parents into the Gestapo if they said or implied anything that was anti-
Hitler. The parents paid with their lives.

Joseph D. Hollinger

Save America, do not reelect anyone!

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