Chinese army spotted along Line of Control in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir

Here are some questions for you. After reading the following article from the
Times of India, do you see cause for concern to the U.S.? Will the completion
of the all-weather road facilitate movement of Chinese Troops and war
machinery to Pakistan? Should we share the concerns of India?

Chinese army spotted along Line of Control in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir
say sources PTI | Mar 13, 2016, 01.23 PM IST The Times of India

RINAGAR: After frequent incursions in Ladakh area, Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA)
troops have been spotted at forward posts along the Line of Control (LoC) on the Pakistani
side of Kashmir, ringing alarm bells in the security grid.

The army spotted presence of senior PLA officials at the forward posts opposite Nowgam
sector in North Kashmir after which some intercepts of Pakistani army officers suggested
that the Chinese troops have come to create some infrastructure along the LoC, sources
said on Sunday.

Though the army has officially maintained complete silence on the issue, they have been
constantly updating various intelligence agencies about the presence of PLA troops along
the Line of Control, sources said.

The visit by PLA officials is seen by experts as part of Beijing’s 46 billion dollar China-Pakistan-
Economic Corridor (CPEC) under which Gwadar port in Karachi is linked to Chinese Xinjiang
province through Karakoram highway, an area under illegal occupation of China.

As the CPEC project was given final shape, India had last year registered its protest against
the presence of Chinese troops in Gilgit and Baltistan, an area in PoK, saying that it was
unacceptable to India.

In the meantime, some of the experts in the nation’s security grid have been giving serious
thoughts to the presence of PLA in close proximity with Pakistani army officials. Chinese
officials have maintained that CPEC was an economical package to link Asia with Eurasia.

Srikanth Kondapalli, Professor in Chinese Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University, who has
been part of think-tank on Indian policy towards China, feels that the overgrowing presence
of Chinese PLA was a cause of worry for India.

“What we know is that China is going to raise three divisions of its PLA under a local name
in PoK that will guard the Chinese interests in occupied Kashmir. One needs to understand
the game plan of Beijing,” he said.

Reports emerging from PoK were suggesting that PLA under a local name will establish a
security wing in the PoK so that India does not protest. The new three divisions, around
30,000 men, will be deployed in and around the installations built by the Chinese firms,
the sources said, adding this way Beijing can also justify its presence along the LoC in
northern part of Kashmir.

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