ADV: Honor Scalia


I have to take exception to things you say in the following email. Namely your trying to stir up panic
about the possible appointment of a Liberal Justice to the Supreme Court. For one, any Justice can be
removed from the Supreme Court by impeachment for various reasons centered around performance
while a member of the Court.

The Supreme does not have the power to change the Constitution in any way, shape or form. The only
way the Constitution can be changed is through the use of the methods provided by the Framers for
doing so. Those methods are provided in Article V of the Constitution. The only way changes can be
made is through the amendment process. That process is long and arduous on purpose; to prevent its
being used for every political agenda that comes down the pike.

The President cannot change it by decree, executive order, ruling or any other manner including as
being a consequence of other acts and decrees that affect changes as consequences thereof.

The Congress cannot change/amend the Constitution by passing laws or using any of the other tools
it has at its disposal including passing laws that affect changes as consequences of future events.

The only way that the Constitution can be altered, changes, added to, or deleted from is through
Article V amendment. PERIOD! Do not let anyone try to convince you otherwise. Abuses of the
Constitution by all branches of our government does not make the processes they used legal. Any
act or attempt at change can, and must, be challenged using every method at the People’s disposal.

The United States of America is governed by the People thereof, no by those they have chosen to
manage the governing of their country for them (consent of the governed). Over time, those
elected to serve have forgotten what there jobs are and to whom they are responsible. They have
fallen to the unguarded temptations the Framers warned us would be the downfall of our country
if those elected to serve are allowed to serve for extended periods of time longer than the amounts
of time provided for their service in the Constitution.

The Constitution does not provided for, or mention reelection. The reason why is a no-brainer
based on the reason I provided in the above paragraph. The President, Senators, and Members
of the House of Representatives are to serve the period the Framers provided for their service
and then return home and take up the lives they left in order to serve. This allows many more
citizens to do their civic duty for their country and take an active part in government.

Article I. Section 2. limits the period of service for Members of the House to two years through
the definite command that they “shall be elected every second year”. Another reason for this
is providing a constant flow of people into the House that have just left being members of the
communities they will serve and being up to the minute on what interests the people therein.

Article I. Section 3. limits the period of service for members of the Senate to “shall serve for
six years” with approximately one-third of the members of the Senate being elected each two
years. This provides three classes in the Senate. The reason being to provide a constant flow
of new members with current knowledge of the needs of constituents and the country not
influenced by ongoing agenda in the Senate. The reasoning here is so that the Freshmen
Senators can voice current interest of citizens outside of government, the electorate, and
help insure that those interests are served as well as the agenda being pursued prior to the
Freshman class being seated. Here we see a problem in that Freshman are hardly ever allowed
to sit on committees or have a voice in what the Senate is doing. This is a rule that
has to be undone so the Senate can perform as intended. It would be fixed by limiting every
Senator to six years of service. Their would be no seniority to impede performance or
influence Senate activity toward service of special interests, the unguarded temptations I

We must force compliance with the Constitution. It is our responsibility as the United States
is our country and those in government are “public servants”, not Lords and Kings as they
would have us believe they are. Holding terms for all to one only will eliminate nearly all of
the problems we have now and prevent their return as long as citizens do their civic duty.

Article II. Section 1. establishes the executive authority of the United States and provides that
the executive power is to be vested in a President of the United States. The next sentence
spells out the sex that a President “shall” be and exactly how long that President “shall”
serve. “He shall hold his Office for the Term of four Years, ….”

“He shall hold his office” makes it mandatory that a man is to be President. Women were
omitted because at the time the Framers did their work women did not have time to be
involved outside of the home. Their work caring for their homes, livestock, children, and
all the rest of the multitude of responsibilities resting on their shoulders was about all they
could handle. This was not an act of omission, it was just the way things had always been

The rest of the statement from Article II. Section 1. “for the Term of four Years, ” limits the
President to one term “the (is singlular) Term, one single Term. The length of that one term
shall be “four Years,” The 22nd amendment is unconstitutional in that it permits a President
to serve (as well as limits service) for two terms of four years and it does not mention Article II.
Section 1. which remains unchanged because it isn’t included in the amendment.

Since a President must be a man, then, and for the same reasons, women must not serve
in any other elected office either, or on the Supreme Court. There has not been an
amendment to the Constitution giving women equal status with men so they can
hold the same responsibilities with men. The Supreme Court has never issued a ruling
on the equality of women with men either. Should there ever be a Convention of the
States equal status for women must be one of the amendments.

Please consider what I am telling you and forward to Rand Paul for his consideration. This
is most important for the survival of our United States and protection of the foundation
upon which our System of Laws sits and supports our freedom and liberty to live our
lives as free individuals.

Thank You and
God Bless America!
Joseph D. Hollinger

On 3/3/2016 12:32 PM, Support Rand Paul wrote:

Antonin Scalia’s Legacy Must Be Honored! Help Rand Paul Block Obama’s Leftist Supreme Court Pick!

Rand Paul does not want the Supreme Court to have a liberty majority. The stakes are too high and everything must be done to stop a liberal activist judge from being appointed to the Supreme Court. If a leftist is appointed by Obama and confirmed by the Senate, religious liberty and the Second Amendment will be banned in America. To make matters worse, the Supreme Court will expand abortion and allow the left to dramatically increase the scope of government. It is crucial that Obama’s nominee is blocked! Will you support Rand Paul’s efforts to stop a liberal judge from being confirmed?

Rand Paul is one of the strongest conservatives in the U.S. Senate. As a true conservative, he works to balance the budget, secure the borders, and defend the Second Amendment. In fact, Rand Paul even stands up to Mitch McConnell and the Republican establishment in order to defend conservative principles. It is crucial that conservatives everywhere help re-elect Rand Paul to the U.S. Senate! Please contribute $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, or more, to support Rand Paul with voter outreach and advertising!

It would be a disaster if Rand Paul was defeated. His challenger is a self financed extreme leftist who is more radical than Bernie Sanders. As the Mayor of Lexington, Jim Gray has raised taxes, increased regulations and killed jobs. Jim Gray must be defeated! The polls are neck and neck and it is crucial that grassroots conservatives everywhere step up to the plate. Please contribute $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, or more, to support Rand Paul with voter outreach and advertising!



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