Police in Europe Don’t Seem Capable of Stopping a Record Number of Rapes by “Refugees”

Wake up people. Not trusting and treating Muslims like we have never treated any other
people is a necessary and important a responsibility we have to take on and not worry about
going against all that we have been taught.

Muslims are not normal as we see normal. They live 400-500 years in the past. They are
born into the folds of a suppressive and tyrannical ideology from which there is no escape.
They are threatened with reprisals that could end their lives for not adhering to every dictate
they are told comes from their fake God Allah and his right hand mass murdering, rapist,
pedophilile prophet, (who dictated the Qar’an while he was still alive) Muhammad.

Muslims must lie to remain better than everyone that they talk to. They cannot accept
that, as a Muslim, anyone would treat them as special and better than everyone not a
Muslim. There is no way to tell if any Muslim is telling you the truth. Absolutely no
way unless you are absolutely fully knowledgeable about a subject you are discussing
with them and are capable of catching lies.

The United States Government, the People’s Government, must not trust any Muslim
ever. I don’t give a hoot if it is a Muslim mother in a doctor’s office. What she tells the
doctor is probably more lies than the truth.

One form of lying required of Muslims is Taqiyya. Look it up at the religionofpeace.com
and many other sites and you will see for yourself. This is only one form of lying. There
are more and different forms for use under certain conditions. All to benefit Islam and
those that are forced to practice it from birth till death, be it early or due to natural

Muslims must be purged from the United States as soon as possible. We the People
must demand that no more Muslim be permitted to enter the United States for any
reason. There are already millions of Muslims in the United States. Our government
has been warned not to let them live in enclaves (communities of Muslims where
no-one else is safe to enter) in our country. Yet, these so called relocation (for profit)
religious organization are putting them in enclaves when they arrive in the U.S.

Muslims are not like any other people on Earth. They do not believe in peace and
goodwill. They do not believe that all men are created equal. They do not believe
in freedom and liberty. They do not want anyone to be anything but Muslim and
under the control of Islam and Shariah.

We the People must look away from our religions upbringings and stop turning the
other cheek. Muslims appreciate nothing. They feel entitled and give no thanks.
There have been reports of Muslims turning on, and killing the people that went
way out of the way to help them. The United States is not a Third World country
and we must not become one.

We the People must work, and if necessary, fight hard to keep our country as it was
created by the Framers and make those that keep preaching about how all previous
democracies have died after about 200 years because citizens learn that they can
pay themselves from the public treasury and lose all sense of right and wrong.
Look at almost all politicians serving in Washington right now. Most all have
forgotten who they work for and what the Constitution says they are to do and
how long they are to serve. Mitch McConnell is an example of what a politician
run amok with power and self-gain looks like. Others are Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi,
Chuck Schumer, and the like. NO-ONE is to serve more than one period of time
in office, that is set in stone as specified by the Framers in Article I and Article II
of the Constitution.

For the sake of God and the United States, READ and learn what the Declaration
of Independence and the Constitution say and FIGHT to keep them as they are
and return the United States to the People RIGHT NOW!

The Police In Europe Don’t Seem Capable Of
Stopping A Record Number Of Rapes By
“Refugees”… Leading To The Rise Of A Vigilante
Group Named “Soldiers Of Odin”


·Comments Off on The Police In Europe Don’t Seem Capable Of Stopping A Record Number Of
Rapes By “Refugees”… Leading To The Rise Of A Vigilante Group Named “Soldiers Of Odin”

Many nations in Europe have noticed an immediate escalation in the amount of violent crime,
rape, and robbery committed against the native citizens of the country. Most of these crimes
are being committed by migrants and “refugees” who declare they are Muslim. The governments
seem to be trying to cover up these horrible crimes. However, the European people have seen
and heard things for themselves and are now pushing back and fighting against the violent migrants.

A vigilante group found in Finland have started calling themselves the Soldiers of Odin after
referencing the ancient Nordic god of war. The Solders of Odin have now started patrolling the
streets of towns including Helsinki. These rough men are ready to head to the streets to make
sure the towns are safe again for women, children and elderly even though the local authorities
appear to not being do much to help.

A 33-year old Ilkka member of the group chose to remain anonymous, but did give these
comments about The Soldiers of Odin. “These refugees do not respect our women. I have four
daughters, and they used to be safe in Finland. We need to do something about it.”

And there are certainly problems with vigilante groups. Law enforcement officers are trained
to deal with crime and criminals. Vigilante groups can be injured themselves and can unnecessarily
injure the people they are attempting to subdue. But if the government did their job and protected
citizens from crime this would not be an issue and these groups would not exist.

The authorities in Europe seem to be more focused on open borders allowing
thousands of people to immigrate in without any controls or process leading
to a record number of rapes and other crimes.

This is exactly what is going to take place in America, people! Wake the hell up!!

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