Do Campaign Funding Laws Allow a Person to Self-fund His Campaign? I Don’t Think So.

Do Campaign Funding Laws Allow a Person to Self-fund His Campaign?

I just posed this question in a comment at the Political Insider


JoeDHollinger says:
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February 24, 2016 at 12:46 pm

I have a serious question. Do campaign funding laws permit a candidate to self-fund his campaign?
Doing so would break the law by his contributions exceeding the amounts any one contributor can
donate to a campaign.

I think that allowing Trump to fund his own campaign we are allowing a potential dictator to buy his
way into the executive power, the President of the United States of America. Will we have allowed a
man who is a power munger, manipulator, dominator, expert negotiator, deal maker, and other
descriptive adjectives appropriate for describing a self-made business magnate. It is well known that
you do not get rich and powerful by being a nice, honest guy. You have to use every resource at your
disposal to achieve your goals and some of them are not politically correct, so to speak.

I sure hope that people can see that we may well be allowing another person to become President
that does not intend to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign
and domestic like we have in the Jarrett/Obama puppet show we have now.

Is Trump buying his way into becoming Emperor of the United States or perhaps the Supreme
Leader of the new One World Government that is being built around the United Nations? Just what
are his goals, personally, for becoming President. How will he handle not being allowed to participate
in his businesses while President? The Constitution allows that a President must live on the salary
paid by taxpayers while President. Trump now lives in a home atop of his Ivory Tower in New York
which is filled with solid gold trophies and artifacts to the point of being gaudy, in my opinion. Are
these possessions indicative of a behavior towards self-gratification through having things that show
him how successful he has been each time he looks at them?

Trump likes to brag about what he has done and how much money he has. Ask the editors at Fortune
Magazine. How will his need to flaunt his successes in public influence his behavior as President? You
have to think about everything before deciding on a candidate to give your consent to lead our nation
down the road. You have to look at all angles of his past and present behavior; all that he has said and
done. How well he keeps promises and follows up on commitments other than those related to business.

Personally, I think we would be electing another Obama if we elect Trump. Obama told us what we wanted
to hear knowing that we were fed up with Bush – Chaney and their kingdom building agenda and that
we wanted things to change. Obama promised us changes so grand that we would not recognize our
country when he was done. He was right on that point. America is nothing like it was before he got into

Is Trump using the “promise them everything they want to hear” approach to sell himself to us as the
Obama machine did? Are we evaluating what he says to see if he is using words with double meanings
one of which is the most common meaning giving the country what it needs to return to the Constitution
and the other meaning the one he intends that will suit his agenda, whatever that happens to be?

When you listen to Trump speak, listen for words and phrases that have vague meanings and look for firm
definitions of intent related to those words and phrases. We need hard, understandable, cast in stone,
explanations of everything he says, does, promises, intends, whatever.

I think Trump is abusing the election process by funding his campaign with his own funds. I think he
should be required to follow the rules for campaign funding just like all other candidates. He is no
different than any other candidate and should not be allowed to play a “no rules for me” kinda game
he can work to his own advantages.

Please read Article I, Sections 2. and 3., and Article II. Section 1. of the Constitution. These articles create
the House, Senate, and the President, and provide rules that cannot be changed other than by amendment
ratified by three-fourths of the States as required in Article V, Each of those Articles set the length of time
Members of the House (2 Years), the Senate (6 Years) and the President and Vice President (4 Years) are
to serve in office. The Framers did not provide for reelections and they did not want reelections. One term
in office then each person is to return home and take up the lives they left in order to serve.

The Framers had to frame a Constitution on the assumption that only honest men would hold office
because trying to predict what a dishonest man would do and try to rule out all the opportunities for
dishonesty was not possible. They knew that man is weak when exposed to unguarded opportunities
for which there are no penalties for abuse, he will eventually fall and take advantage of those
opportunities for self-gain of power, influence, control and wealth and come to serve their continuance
rather than the constituents who elected them or their oath of office required to provide protection
for the Constitution and our country.

We are witnessing right today what happens when politicians become corrupted by personal gains due
to their being in office for more than one term. Congress has become a country club filled with good
ole boys who have forgotten their real purpose and to whom they are responsible. Progressives one an all.

Everyone now in Congress, and the President, have to go at the earliest possible time. We the People
have the power to get our country on the road to recovery in January 2017. WE must refuse to reelect
everyone now in office. WE can get rid of everyone there this election, except for two classes (two-thirds)
of the Senate. One-third of them are up for election every two years for the next two election cycles.

WE MUST NOT REELECT ANYONE EVER AGAIN!! Refusing to reelect anyone will do away with this campaign
fiasco you are seeing today. Big money political machines will be a thing of the past because special
interests will lose their ability to buy allegiance in Congress and influence legislation to their benefit above
others. Elections will offer simple choices between new candidates who know they are going to be in office
for one term and that they must use all of that time serving the needs of constituents while protecting
the Constitution, as it was written and has been legally amended in accordance with Article V thereof.

DO NOT VOTE FOR TRUMP! Vote for an honest man with no personal agenda for self-gain, only for the good of our country, Ben Carson. We will suffer if Trump becomes President. My opinions of course.

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