Stop Doing What We Have Always Done, Expecting Different Results – that’s Insanity. Reelect No-one Ever!

I just responded to an article “Ethics Reform Gutted” by Ryan Johnson, February 21, 2016, Ryan Johnson.

Ryan Johnson is the co-founder and president of the Missouri Alliance for Freedom, a conservative advocacy
and accountability group focused on advancing a conservative policy plan in Missouri and holding elected
officials accountable.

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My response is long, but, I have to say what I do in hopes someone will read it and take heart to what I say.

I suggest that the U.S. Constitution and the Missouri State Constitution rule in all matters politic. The Framers
of the U.S. Constitution did their very best to create a foundation for our government of the people, by the
people and for the people. None of those words are “politicians”.

We have elections to choose people to represent our interests in governance of out nation and our State. We
are far too many spread over a very large geographical area to represent ourselves. That is why we give our
consent to be governed by those we elect to act in our places. We, by electing people to do this for us, do
not anoint them as instant experts on all things government, or, give them the right to do what they think
would be best for our country and for our state. In fact, the only thinking we want them to do is to figure
out how to legally do what we the People want done.

The Framers of the U.S. Constitution put limits on the time elected persons are to spend in office before
returning to their prior lives and taking them up from where they left off in order to do their civic duty of
participating in their government. We should each aspire to do the same thing at some level at some time.
The least each of us must do is to be responsible stewards of our country and our state. To do that we must
stay informed and involved regularly. A small price to pay for the privilege of living in the only country in
the World in which the People control their government.

Here is how the U.S. Constitution limits the amounts of time to be served by Senators, Members of the
House of Representatives and the President. Article I. Section 2. limits the amount of time a Member of
the House shall serve by demanding that Members shall be chosen every second year by the People of
the several States. Grammar tells us that “Members” refers to all members since no specific numbers of
members are specified. The use of “shall” in a document that establishes rules means that the rules its
use identifies are to considered as cast in stone, allowing no options but to comply with them in all respects,
as they are written. Thus, every member of the House is to be newly elected every second year without
exception. I’ll explain why in a moment.

Article I. Section 3. establishes the U.S. Senate. The Senate of the United States shall be comprised of two
Senators from each State, elected by the People thereof for six years, and each Senator shall have one vote.
Nothing could be more clear. Each State shall have two Senators elected by their citizens. The two Senators
shall serve six years. Each Senator shall have one vote. They just can’t seem to understand the part that
limits them to one period of six years.

Article II. Section 1. establishes the Executive Position in the United States and gives the person elected to
hold that position the title of President of the United States of America. The next sentence establishes that
a President must be a man, without exception. In so doing, it also establishes that those elected to hold
each and every other office shall be a man as well. The next sentence also limits the Term that a president
shall serve and makes the 22nd Amendment null and void.

“He shall hold his Office for the Term of four Years, and together with a Vice President elected for the same
Term, shall be elected as follows: ….” He shall hold his office; nothing could more clearly state that a
president shall be a man. “for the Term” clearly shows that “the (singular) term” is one term. “of four Years,
sets the length of “the Term” to four Years.

Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution are reelections defined or rules for them established.
Women shall not hold public office because at the time the Constitution was written women did not participate
in public affairs. They had far too many responsibilities at home. This was by choice as it was just the way things
were at the time. There has not been an Article V. amendment to the U.S. Constitution that gives women equal
rights with men for holding public office or in other situations. Until there is women shall not serve in public office.

The reason that the Framers of the U.S. Constitution set limits on the time each elected representative of the
People shall remain in office is that they were quite aware that man is weak. They wrote the Constitution for
conduct of business by honest, dedicated men that put their country before themselves. They admitted that
it would be difficult to find such men and if they were found and left to serve for too much time exposed to
unguarded temptations having no penalties for abuse, they would eventually fall to those temptations of power,
influence, and personal gain. The Framers also knew that once they took advantage of those temptations they
would come to put their self-gain before all else losing all allegiance to God, Country, and responsibilities and
serving those gains before all else. They were right because that is exactly what has happened. We are subject
to the excesses of the few who have violated the trust placed in them by their constituents and have become
takers, first and foremost.

We do not need a Constitutional Convention to fix this problem. Even if we did, now is not the time to risk
one of those. Too much could be lost should undesirable elements gain control of the process. We the People
can force compliance with the Constitution by refusing to reelect anyone to any office at all levels of
government and this we must do or we will lose our country really soon. The United Nations is just waiting
to pounce on us and take our country from us by implementing a One World Government which will reduce
the United States to a Third World country and our people to absolute despotism.

The benefits in reducing the size and power of government we could realize by limiting everyone elected to
serving one term only would be monumental. One of the big ones is that lobbyists could not buy influence
and force compliance because no-one would be in office long enough and when they were in office there
could be no threats from lobbyists of not donating to reelections campaigns.

People serving for one term and then going back to the lives they left in order to serve would be able to do
their jobs under no pressure from party members with higher seniority to force them to comply with one
agenda or another. They could serve their constituents as the Framers intended and not waste any of that
time on reelections. They could serve most of their terms in their home districts returning to Washington,
D.C. for business of national importance only. Power could be returned to the States where it was intended
to be from the gitgo.


God Bless America!
Long May She Stand!!


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Legislative Scorecard

The Missouri Alliance for Freedom Scorecard is a measurement of how lawmakers perform on a series of votes related to liberty issues that deal with the size, scope, and proper role of government. Missouri Alliance for Freedom uses a cross-section of archetype votes on core issues that help us gauge a legislator’s governing philosophy.

Lawmakers and their offices are notified in advance of MAF’s position on the issues scored prior to votes taken on the floor. This advance notice comes in the form of posting on our website, courtesy e-mails, and social media.

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District Legislator Party Rating
98 Dogan, Shamed R 100.00
108 Hill, Justin R 100.00
9 Johnson, Delus R 100.00
105 Parkinson, Mark R 100.00
139 Taylor, Jered R 100.00
56 Bondon, Jack R 96.55
133 Burlison, Eric R 96.55
109 Curtman, Paul R 96.55
99 Koenig, Andrew R 96.55
110 Mathews, Kirk R 96.43
41 Pietzman, Randy R 96.43
131 Anderson, Sonya R 93.10
120 Chipman, Jason R 93.10
158 Fitzpatrick, Scott R 93.10
62 Hurst, Tom R 93.10
112 Vescovo, Rob R 93.10
103 Wiemann, John R 93.10
161 White, Bill R 92.86
12 Wilson, Kenneth R 92.86
149 Rone, Don R 92.00
102 Bahr, Kurt R 89.66
55 Brattin, Rick R 89.66
49 Fitzwater, Travis R 89.66
121 Frederick, Keith R 89.66
13 Marshall, Nick R 89.66
157 Moon, Mike R 89.66
60 Barnes, Jay R 89.29
34 Roeber, Rebecca R 88.89
142 Ross, Robert R 88.89
20 Kidd, Bill R 86.96
106 Sommer, Chrissy R 86.36
1 Andrews, Allen R 86.21
59 Bernskoetter, Mike R 86.21
151 Hubrecht, Tila R 86.21
97 McCaherty, John R 86.21
6 Remole, Tim R 86.21
58 Wood, David R 86.21
162 Davis, Charlie R 85.71
125 Love, Warren R 85.71
2 Eggleston, J. R 85.19
148 Rehder, Holly R 85.19
61 Alferman, Justin R 82.76
136 Austin, Kevin R 82.76
47 Basye, Chuck R 82.76
52 Beard, Nathan R 82.76
30 Cierpiot, Mike R 82.76
96 Leara, Mike R 82.76
150 McDaniel, Andrew R 82.76
124 Miller, Rocky R 82.76
140 Morris, Lynn R 82.76
154 Rhoads, Shawn R 82.76
111 Roden, Shane R 82.76
65 Zerr, Anne R 82.76
155 Rowland, Lyle R 82.14
104 Conway, Kathie R 81.48
127 Kelley, Mike R 81.48
8 Neely, Jim R 81.48
119 Hinson, Dave R 80.77
100 Allen, Sue R 79.31
38 Berry, T.J. R 79.31
14 Corlew, Kevin R 79.31
129 Crawford, Sandy R 79.31
51 Dohrman, Dean R 79.31
128 Entlicher, Sue R 79.31
43 Houghton, Jay R 79.31
50 Jones, Caleb R 79.31
156 Justus, Jeffery R 79.31
145 Keeney, Shelley R 79.31
17 King, Nick R 79.31
53 Kolkmeyer, Glen R 79.31
7 Lair, Mike R 79.31
159 Lant, Bill R 79.31
122 Lynch, Steve R 79.31
39 McGaugh, Joe Don R 79.31
130 Messenger, Jeffery R 79.31
48 Muntzel, Dave R 79.31
33 Pfautsch, Donna R 79.31
138 Phillips, Don R 79.31
126 Pike, Patricia R 79.31
160 Reiboldt, Bill R 79.31
152 Richardson, Todd R 79.31
44 Rowden, Caleb R 79.31
113 Shaul, Dan R 79.31
63 Spencer, Bryan R 79.31
3 Walker, Nate R 79.31
107 Hicks, Ron R 78.95
94 Brown, Cloria R 78.57
101 Gosen, Don R 78.57
153 Cookson, Steve R 77.78
40 Hansen, Jim R 77.78
11 Higdon, Galen R 77.78
146 Lichtenegger, Donna R 77.78
35 Cross, Gary R 76.92
134 Haahr, Elijah R 76.92
57 Brown, Wanda R 75.86
64 Cornejo, Robert R 75.86
68 English, Keith 75.86
144 Fitzwater, Paul R 75.86
123 Franklin, Diane R 75.86
32 Lauer, Jeanie R 75.86
5 Shumake, Lindell R 75.86
31 Solon, Shelia R 75.86
163 Flanigan, Tom R 75.00
137 Fraker, Lyndall R 75.00
42 Korman, Bart R 74.07
95 Haefner, Marsha R 72.41
54 Hoskins, Denny R 72.41
143 Pogue, Jeff R 72.41
89 Diehl, John R 70.37
115 Gannon, Elaine R 70.37
117 Black, Linda R 69.23
141 Dugger, Tony R 68.97
116 Engler, Kevin R 68.97
135 Hough, Lincoln R 68.97
147 Swan, Kathryn R 68.97
16 Shull, Noel R 65.52
118 Harris, Ben D 62.07
114 Ruth, Becky R 62.07
4 Redmon, Craig R 55.17
21 Anders, Ira D 48.28
18 Arthur, Lauren D 48.28
45 Kendrick, Kip D 48.28
46 Webber, Stephen D 48.28
15 Carpenter, John D 46.43
25 LaFaver, Jeremy D 44.83
76 Peters, Joshua D 44.83
91 Kirkton, Jeanne D 41.38
72 Nichols, Mary D 41.38
71 Meredith, Sue D 37.93
70 Otto, Bill D 37.93
86 Adams, Joe D 34.48
93 Burns, Bob D 34.48
10 Conway, Pat D 34.48
67 Green, Alan D 34.48
81 Hummel, Jacob D 34.48
82 Kratky, Michele D 34.48
90 Lavender, Deb D 34.48
84 May, Karla D 34.48
88 McCreery, Tracy D 34.48
36 McManus, Kevin D 34.48
27 Mims, Bonnaye D 34.48
87 Newman, Stacey D 34.48
132 Norr, Charlie D 34.48
79 Butler, Michael D 31.03
22 Ellington, Brandon D 31.03
83 Mitten, Gina D 31.03
92 Montecillo, Genise D 31.03
24 Morgan, Judy D 31.03
74 Pace, Sharon D 31.03
37 Runions, Joe D 31.03
75 Walton-Gray, Rochelle D 31.03
26 McCann-Beatty, Gail D 27.59
28 McDonald, Tom D 27.59
69 McNeil, Margo D 27.59
66 Pierson, Tommie D 27.59
19 Rizzo, John D 27.59
77 Gardner, Kimberly D 24.14
73 Curtis, Courtney D 20.69
78 Hubbard, Penny D 20.69
85 Smith, Clem D 17.24
80 Colona, Mike D 13.79
23 Dunn, Randy D 13.79


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Paid for by Missouri Alliance for Freedom. Missouri Alliance for Freedom
is a non-partisan section 501(c)(4) non-profit organization. Contributions to
Missouri Alliance for Freedom are not deductible as charitable contributions.

Paid for by Missouri Alliance for Freedom. Missouri Alliance for Freedom is a non-partisan section 501(c)(4) non-profit organization. Contributions to Missouri Alliance for Freedom are not deductible as charitable contributions.

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