Possible Federal Government Takeover of Police Departments and Discipline in Public Schools

Dear Speaker Richardson,

I just read an article concerning a danger in appointment of a new Supreme Court Justice before
a new President is seated.

I am including a part of that article here to try and keep from getting too wordy with my concerns.
There is no way that I want, or agree with the premise that our Central Government should have
a say concerning local police departments operations and policies. Police departments work for the
safety and security of the communities which they serve while supporting State governments and
State Laws.

Unless I am mistaken, very possible, direction from our Central Government legally binding on
our State usually is instituted through an act, or acts of the State Legislature after deciding on the
constitutionality of the edict and the manner of execution to be used if all can agree on the edict
being applied.

I strongly advocate the frequent and persistent use of “Nullification” by the Missouri State Legislature
in all cases in which the Central Government oversteps its authority and infringes upon and/or
abuses the Constitution as it was written and has been legally amended in accordance with
Article V, thereof. The only legal methods for affecting changes to the Constitution is through

Discipline in our public schools is all but defunct at the present time. Teachers will let class members
do just about anything without reprimand for fear that they will get in trouble with family and
school officials. Lack of effective discipline and regular homework assignments coupled with
the fact that “money” controls every aspect of education have led to a decline in the general
intelligence of graduating students who cannot write cursively, spell common words, and read
with understanding or write an informative paragraph using proper English and grammar.

It is well past time that Missouri fund all of the education offered in Missouri using its own
resources and separating itself from all dependencies on Federal Dollars. It can be done and must
or we will continue to graduate dolts that will be of no benefit to themselves, Missouri and
the United States. We must promote excellence in education and get completely away from
junk like Common Core. Please!!!!

I beseech you, and the Missouri Legislature to prevent any such power grab. The Federal Govt has
no authority within a State and must not be allowed to attempt such a gain using any excuse,
especially “racism.” Racism is not illegal as research will show you. It can become illegal if used as
bullying for the purpose of creating a heated public disturbance.

Any claim concerning racism and/or bullying must be supported such as to prove intent to create a
public disturbance.

‘A Washington, D.C. attorney who has practiced both civil rights
and constitutional law warns it is possible that Senate confirmation
of a left-leaning Obama appointee to the high court could allow
the federal government to take over not only police departments,
but also all of school discipline in public schools.

Writing at Liberty Unyielding, Hans Bader observes that a high court that leans further left could allow
the next administration to use “disparate impact” regulations to essentially take control of the nation’s
police forces and school discipline policies based on claims of racism.

Disparate impact theory holds that current practices in law enforcement, school discipline, housing,
and other areas – without intention – could result in a statistically disproportionate effect on a
protected group of people, and, therefore, could be considered discriminatory and illegal.


Thank you for reading this and considering affirmative actions to prevent Federal Government overreach
into control over Missouri.

Expecting your consideration,

Joseph D. Hollinger
17635 Kansas Road
Eldridge, MO 65463-9111
God Bless America! Long May She Stand!

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