I want to see Missouri officially take the stance that all edicts from Washington, D.C. that violate the Constitution, or have that potential, will be nullified.

Dear Mrs. Franklin,
Dear Mr. Parson,

I am sorely afraid that the only thing preventing the United States from being reduced to a Third World
dictatorship is our United States Constitution and the fact that our System of Laws is based therein. If it wasn’t for that fact, the Constitution would have been destroyed long ago.

The Framers built in safety features to prevent abuses to the Constitution and to the rights and liberty
of American citizens by honest, dedicated, and loyal political representatives of the People. We are now
being denigrated by career politicians that have none of those qualities and have become self-serving
opportunists concerned only with perpetuating their access to profits in power, influence, and personal
wealth gained through taking advantage of unguarded temptations to which they have been exposed
over time. That time being their serving more than the one specific period of time in public office dictated by the Framers in the Constitution.

I know that you are not going to like what I am about to provide here, but, if we are to save our country
and our gem of a Constitution we must make the hard decisions necessary to get our great country back
to the Constitution, as it was written and has been legally amended in accordance with Article V. thereof.

Paramount to returning to the Constitution is revisiting the reasons why we have a United States Constitution.
Please read the Declaration of Independence. Especially the part where the justification for separation from
control by the English monarchy. Therein lies the reason we are a country with government of the People,
by the People, and for the People. The United States Constitution wreaked havoc with the lives and fortunes
of many of the Framers some of whom died destitute because of framing the Constitution. Their dedication
to the cause of freedom and self-government by the People has to be admired, respected, and protected above all else. So must the fruits of their labors.

There are two very important Articles within the Constitution that contain controls purposefully ignored
by politicians for whatever purposes you can imagine. Mostly, personal gains in power, influence, and
financially. All attributes that lead to corruption, greed, and tyranny over time. Things that the Framers tried to protect the People from.

The Framers knew well the weaknesses of man when exposed, over time, to unguarded (opportunities for
self-gain that bear no penalties for their taking) temptations. The Framers knew that eventually those
elected persons would come to serve continuance of personal gains before all duties related to the offices
to which they were elected and to the People that voted for them, choosing them to represent their
needs by giving their consent to be governed by them. We can see that nearly every person that has
remained in office through many reelections has fallen to those temptations and are now more concerned
with remaining in office than the reasons for their being in office and the trust placed in them by their
constituents. All sense of responsibility, loyalty, trust, allegiance and patriotism, as well as right and wrong,
gone. I cannot, personally, justify such behavior. Wealth and prestige are not worth their price when one
must abuse those whose trust has been placed in them, for self-gain through violation of those trusts.

The two Articles I mentioned earlier contain orders establishing, as if cast in stone, the amounts of time
to be served, and sex, of members of the Presidency, the Senate, and the U.S. House of Representatives.

We the People to whom the United States belongs and for whom those elected to represent us in the
operation of our government, work are the only ones that can right the wrongs that have been done
as a result of our complacency and false sense of trust in those we elect. Right now, we can see that our
trust is not honored and served by those we have elected. They do not honor their oats of office during
which they swore to God, the Creator who has given us our Natural Rights of Life. Liberty, and the pursuit
of Happiness, amongst others, that they would faithfully preserve, protect and defend the United States
Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, to the best of their abilities.

Since the United States belongs to We the People and those we elect are public servants to We the People,
it is only We the People that can bring government back to the Constitution as it was written and has been
legally amended in accordance with Article V. thereof. We must do this by refusing to reelect anyone at
any time, for any reason, no matter how much we like them or how much we think they have done for
us. Why, because they have violated the Constitution by serving more than one term and topped off that
wrong by becoming self-serving Progressive elites thinking that they are made of better stuff than us
common folk who are too dumb to know what is good for us and/or good for our country.

We know now for darn sure don’t we? We have to get rid of every one that is currently in office and
doing disservice to us and to our Constitution. That is all of them. The only ones we cannot get rid of
in 2016 are two of the three classes of Senators. We can get rid of one-third of the Senate each year
for the next two elections and we will have deposed them all. We must hold everyone to the Framer’s
plan for one Term of a set number of years for each person elected. After they have served that term they must return home and take up the lives they left in order to serve.

How great life will be when we get down and dirty and hold them all to the Framer’s Term limits. Then
each of us may have his turn performing his civic duty by taking part in our government and doing the
best job we can do for our Creator, our country, our friends, neighbors and family. We can get our country
back on track with the Constitution and we can keep her there. Right? You betcha we can and we must.

Let’s getter done!!!

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