Hear this well! Pay Attention and Get Involved!

I’ve been telling you, and everyone I can, about this for ages. I have researched this stuff deeply and things are
far worse than what you read here. Do some research yourself and put out some information you are pretty
darn sure is the truth. Don’t rely on what others send you. Check it all out and publish what you know is right
and true due to your own research.

While you are at it, in case you don’t believe me, or, read what I send you; Article I. Sections 2. and 3. and Article II. Section 1.
of the Constitution. Shut off all you have heard before reading and apply the rules for English grammar while you read.
What do you see there? What has the SCOTUS done concerning the direct orders given by the Framers in these two Articles?
How have politicians abused these two Articles for decades? Can we fix the damage done and reap the benefits of
returning to these important parts of the Constitution? I think the benefits to be derived by holding politicians to the
specific, cast in stone requirements in these Articles would bring nothing but benefits to the United States and the peoples
of the World.

What do you think the benefits would be? Just the benefits, nothing else.


There is a Tea Party meeting at the Mills Center tonight, here is a copy of the contents of the invite I received.

Hello all!!!!

It’s that time again. As we enter a new election cycle, it’s time to meet the candidates and vett them.

Please join us this Thursday, Feb 11th at 6:30PM at the Lebanon Mills Center, where we are honored to host Gubernatorial candidate John Brunner.

Attorney General candidate Josh Hawley was invited, confirmed but had to reschedule, and will not be able to attend. HOWEVER, his campaign manager will be here to address the audience and take questions.

Thursday night we will also vote for installation of officers to the Lebanon Tea Party core group. Please attend and vote for the nominees.

For next month, we are inviting all the city candidates seeking election for Mayor and city council.

Hope to see you Thursday!!!

For liberty,

Ike Skelton, Chairman

Lebanon Tea Party

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