Christmas is Christmas and I will not call it something else, will you? Why?

Hi All,

We hope each if you is ready for Christmas and that your Christmas tree is all
decorated as you like it with all the special decorations that you have
accumulated over many other Christmases.

Please remember the reason for the season. Christmas is the celebration
of the birth of Jesus, the son of God. It is a joyous time as we celebrate the
miracle of His birth.

We spread the joy of His birth by spreading joy through giving to others so
that they will know how happy we are to be celebrating His birth.

God Bless You and Yours. Merry Christmas and hopefully we will each have
a very great New Year with our Congress receiving great inspiration from the
knowledge that our Constitution was framed by Christians following the word
of God and sharing his word in their work. We know that God was with them
as they worked because of their references to Him throughout the Constitution.

I will remind you that our country, the United States of America, is our country.
It does not belong to government. Government is an idea and a non-entity. You
cannot see it, touch it, smell it or put your finger on it. Government exists
in our minds, it is our tool for managing OUR country. We are too many over
too large an area to physically participate in the management of the country.
The Framers knew we would be so they created a tool through which we can
each participate in running our country by strictly adhering to the plan prepared
for us therein. The plan clearly states what is to be done by whom and for how
long and orders us to do just what it says allowing no deviations or changes by
anyone except by using the processes the Framers provided for doing so in
Article V thereof. Amendments are the only way changes can be made.

The President can’t change anything about the Constitution through Executive
Orders, decrees, or wild rants. Congress cannot change it by inference, delayed
impact, or hidden clauses in bills and laws. Congress starts an Article V amendment
and once the amendment contents are agreed upon by 2/3 of the Senate and of
the House the proposed amendment goes to the States for ratification. Three-
fourths of the States have to agree on an amendment without changes. If
anything is changed, the process starts all over.

The Framers made the process long and arduous on purpose. They wanted to
make darn sure that amendments were not ratified on whims of the moment
or in support of some agenda or another. Amending the Constitution is a long,
difficult process and must stay that way.

Article I, Sections 2. and 3. limit the length of time Members of the House and
Senators are to serve to a specific length of time. No reelections are discussed.

Article II. Section 1. limits the length of time a President can serve with words
that clearly show that restriction is cast in stone and cannot be changed.

Article II. Section 1. is written for men as exhibited by the statement: “He shall
hold his office ….” No amendment has been ratified that gives women equal
rights to holding public office. No women can serve as President or in the
Congress without violating the Constitution. If they do run, and are elected,
everyone involved in the process violates the Constitutional requirements in
Article II. Section 1.

I’ll close by saying that IF We the People had paid attention and performed our
civic duty of managing those we elect to serve us in our government, we would
not be partners in the many violations of the Constitution that have taken
place and are continuously repeated. Let’s fix that. DO NOT REELECT ANYONE!

Merry Christmas all and to all a good night!

Joe and Nancy Hollinger (comments are Joe’s)
God Bless America!

This is a Christmas Tree

This is a Christmas Tree

This is a Christmas Tree

This is a Christmas Tree

This is a Christmas Tree

This is a Christmas Tree

This is a Christmas Tree

Politically Correct be Not

This is AMERICA Correct

These are NOT Holiday Trees

They are NOT Winter Festival trees

They are NOT Hanukkah bushes

They are NOT Allah plants

They are Christmas trees.

Say it…

Yes CHRISTmas – not Holiday

We are not celebrating the birth of a Holiday !!!

We are Celebrating the Birth ofJesus Christ!!!

So I would like to say to each and everyone of you
Have a Very
and may GOD BLESS each and every one of you!!!

Take a stand and pass this on !!

Merry Christmas From our
House to your House

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