ADV: Your Tweets Are Having An Impact! More Needed!

You will find links at the bottom of the forwarded email, below. Please select either 1. or 2. as prewritten
Tweets that will be posted on your Twitter home page with hash tags to the intended contact in Congress.

It is very important that you send each one in the list a Tweet using the provided wording or write one
yourself that includes the hash tags from the one written by NumbersUSA. This will insure the intended
recipient receives your Tweet.

Come on now, show your patriotism and your desire to keep living in a free country with liberty to live
you life as you prefer within the limits of our System of Laws which are based in the U.S. Constitution.
Without the Constitution the United States will cease to exist. So will freedom and our rights given us
by our Creator, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, amongst others.

Man was created in God’s image, by God. Thus, we have the same freedoms that God has. It is up to
us to give thanks for His creating man in his image and empowering us with the rights to live our lives
as He would have us live them. Our Lord, God, is all seeing and all powerful as can be seen reading the
Bible. He has not always been a peaceful God and has demonstrated how terrible his wrath can be.
It is up to each one of us to walk the line that God has drawn for us and be proud that we are able to
do so.

God has been responsible for the deaths of many that refused to honor his commands and follow his
instructions to the letter. The Ten Commandment do not include the words: “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” They
do include the words: “Thou Shalt Not Murder.” The act of killing ones enemies before they can kill
you is not murder. You are striking out in an act of self-preservation which has been given you by God.

It is my opinion that our government has run amok of our Constitution in almost every respect. Those
we have elected that do not openly honor their Oaths-of-Office, sworn before God and witnesses, have
become the enemy within, our domestic enemy from which we are to Preserve, Protect and Defend the
Constitution from ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic; or we lose our country and possibly our lives.

Preventing tyranny within our government and its establishing unholy alliances with those that wish to
do us harm is the entire reason for the Second Amendment and for its including the statement, carved
in stone, as a command through the use of the word “shall”, “which shall not be infringed.” We were
given the responsibility for insuring that our rights to keep and bear arms are never infringed upon.
Even if we have to take up our arms to let those that have run amok know that they will obey the
Constitution as it was written and has been legally amended in accordance with Article V, thereof, or
suffer the consequences of the indiscretions.

They have run so far amok that almost all members of Congress have become Progressive to the bone.
They think and believe that they deserve to be where they are, that they deserve to have power over
the People. They have the opinion that the People don’t know what is good for them or for our country.
They think they we are too stupid to be able to understand government and how it must be in control
over us in order for our lives to run smoothly. They have been in office for so long that they have
fallen to the unguarded temptations to which they have been exposed over the excessively long times
they have been in office being elected over and over again, in violation of Article I and Article II of the
Constitution. Article I and Article II state the amount of time each Senator, Representative, and the
President are to serve in definite terms that do not allow exceptions to be made, or taken. The word
“shall” is used to state the limited amount to time each is to serve before returning home to take up
the lives they left in order to serve.

The Framers limited the time each is to serve in order to prevent corruption, self gain, and tyranny
from taking control of them or being caused by them. Here again, is where the Second Amendment
should come to play if abuse becomes rampant. We must not reelect anyone ever again and that
includes Presidents. The 22nd Amendment must be repealed during the next Article V constitutional
convention as it permits a President to serve for two terms.

Please put on your patriot shoes and join in the battle to save the United States from tyranny and

God Bless America,
Joseph D. Hollinger

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