ADV: FW: It’s not “wonderful”

Mr. dudley.brown ,

Let legislators do what they may. They cannot take away our Second Amendment Rights,
or make changes to them, or edit them, or give them a new interpretation until the changes
are made by an amendment to the Constitution in accordance with Article V thereof. Proposed
amendments have to be approved by two-thirds of the members present in each, the House
and the Senate. Once the House and Senate have agreed to one version of each amendment
proposed, three-fourths of the States have to approve each amendment, without change,
before an amendment can be considered ratified. If any State proposes any change and that
State is one of the States that comprise the necessary three-fourths of the States, the entire
process starts over.

The House and Senate have to totally agree on one version of each amendment proposed.
The amendments then go to the States for review and comment. If something about any
one proposed amendment is refused, or added, by any State that prevents agreement by
three-fourths of the States, the process has to be started over again. As long as more
changes and/or disagreements take place the process continues until all conditions of
Article V are satisfied completely.

The entire Article V amendment process can take years to complete if the process completes
at all. We must all pay attention to every detail of the entire amendment process and we
must stay in constant contact with our State legislators letting them know what we think,
want, and don’t want in every amendment proposed. We must keep this up until the
entire process, or processes are finished completely and LEGALLY.

IN response to you constant pleas for money to help you with your organizations fight to
save our guns you are missing the entire reason that is more important. That reason is
because keeping and bearing arms to be able to prevent tyranny of our own government
against We the People to whom the United States belongs. The United States does not belong
to government. Government is the product of the hard work and personal sacrifices
made by true patriots, geniuses and religious men who represented people oppressed a
and dominated by an unjust ruler of a monarchy in England that taxed them unfairly and
did not allow them to take part in their government. Those people wanted control of their
own lives and their own country without oppression and tyranny and they were ready to
take control of their destinies without interference by a tyrannical king.

Those brave men took the task to heart and through a trying and difficult process framed
the most precious constitution ever authored. The Constitution of the United States of
America. The Constitution is the foundation upon which our Country and our System of
Laws has been built. The mortar of that Constitution is mixed with the blood of thousands
whom over more than two hundred years fought and died winning our freedom from the
king and keeping our republic from falling apart as it developed and grew into the
magnificence that it became.

But, as with anything that appears so great for so many, there are always some that do
not think that its right, that things must be changed so they are as they would like them
to be. The Framers knew that such an occasion was likely and that the perpetrators would
more than likely come from within government. Provisions were included in the Constitution
to counter attacks from within. Also included was the necessity that each person elected
by the People to manage their government for them has to swear an oath that includes:
preserve, protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

The entire premise of the Constitution is that those participating in the government it
provides will be honorable men, of truth, conviction, dedication, patriotism, honor, and
loyalty. Yet, the Framers knew that would eventually fail and the true nature of men,
exposed to unguarded temptations over time, would prevail and threaten the Constitution
and the United States. The entire Constitution is designed so as to prevent tyranny by those
given consent to govern by the People to be governed.

But, once again, those protections will only work if those trusted to govern are of strong
conviction and dedicated to the task of preserving and protecting the Constitution at any,
and all costs. Should those protections fail, the First Amendment gives us freedom of the
press to expose those that are want to do us harm. If public pressure as a result of an
open and free press, does not impress the governing body and cause them to straighten
out and follow the rules, there is one last option for the People to take.

That is the Second Amendment which provides that the People must always be armed
and know well how to use their arms when the need comes to reclaim our republic
from the enemy within.

That time appears to be upon us. The enemy within is stepping up its attempts to
subvert the People and disarm them before they shall decide to bear their arms and
take their country back from the clutches of those bent on its destruction.

You and your organization should be fighting to preserve and protect the entire
Constitution, not just a part of a part thereof. It appears that you have taken up a
fight most likely to stir up the populace and garner support for your proposed
efforts through donations to support the work you promote.

The Constitution is valueless if any part of it is destroyed. It is the foundation of our
country and our System of Laws. That part of the foundation upon which the System
of Laws sits is already weakened and about to crumble because laws are not enforced
and the court system has run amok of the duties and responsibilities with which it is

Congress has totally lost its course and those of which it is comprised have lost their
minds, having fallen to unguarded temptations having been exposed to them for
longer than the one term each was to serve. The gains from those temptations
have become their controlling forces, reelection (unconstitutional) their driving force
in order that those gains continue uninterrupted.

The Administrative Branch has gone totally berserk and is violating the Constitution
on a nearly daily basis. The President is acting more and more like the king the
Framers worked so hard to separate themselves from. We all agree he must be
stopped before the end of his term. Yet, we see no more than ten people in Congress
with the guts to stand up to him. All the rest go along despite the voices of
constituents to whom our country belongs.

Yes Sir, We the People need the entire Bill of Rights to remain untouched, and the
rest of the Constitution as it was written and has been legally amended following
the guidelines in Article V thereof. The only legal way that anything in it can be
changed, added to, or deleted from it.

We must prevent infringements to our Second Amendment rights and we have to
have arms and ammunition to get the job done. We also need a plan that would
coordinate any operation that might be taken to save our country. Where are the
cries for those things? Where are the militias the States are supposed to form
and maintain? Does everyone think those are the National Guard and Reserve
Branches of our military? They are wrong if they do. The militia is comprised of
citizens who are to keep arms to bear should the time arise for defending our
country from the enemy within. Where are they? How are we to be well regulated
if there are no regulators? Why aren’t you talking about these things?

Joseph D. Hollinger
God Bless America!

On 12/4/2015 3:33 PM, Dudley Brown wrote:

Joseph D,

Gun grabbers were at work in Washington, D.C. late last night, haggling over your gun rights.

Just as I warned yesterday, the anti-gun politicians in the U.S. Senate forced votes on a number of gun control measures with little warning.

But last week, the National Association for Gun Rights delivered 370,000 signed “No More Gun Control” Petitions to your Senators and Representatives, and your voices had a real impact.

Because of your dedicated activism, NONE of the anti-gun measures introduced last night were passed.

Joseph D, we can’t say thank you enough.

But, we’re not out of the woods.

You see, these anti-gun amendments were only defeated on procedural technicalities. The anti-gunners in Congress are testing the waters, preparing for a full-scale assault on our rights in the near future.

That’s why I need your help today…

Gun grabbers are still itching to push their radical anti-gun agenda in an effort to make law-abiding gun owners pay for the ruthless acts of madmen and extremists.

In fact, President Obama has already pledged to issue even more executive orders on gun control over the coming months.

And with anti-gun Attorney General Loretta Lynch calling the murders of innocent people a “wonderful opportunity” to push their gun control agenda, there’s no telling how bad it could get.

Joseph D, we can’t back down.

If you can, please consider chipping in $60, $40, or even $20 to help NAGR continue fighting for our Second Amendment rights.

And when you’re finished, please read my email below.

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