Muslims, Shariah and Islam are very real THREATS NOW! England and Holland speak out!

THE UNITED STATES!! Muslims, Shariah and Islam are very real THREATS to
the Constitution and to OUR COUNTRY RIGHT NOW!

I just watched a speech made in the Dutch Parliament wherein the speaker made
his case that Holland must shut its doors to Muslims and take no more refugees/
settlers into their country. That they must close all mosques else they will soon
lose their country to Muslims. He said that the most common names selected
for little boys in Holland is no Mohammad or Muhammad. That Muslims
birth rates are much higher than those for the Dutch people and that in other
European countries those birth rates are much higher than those in Holland.
The video is part of the following article, its 20 minutes long and you will have
to read the message in subtitles because the speaker is Dutch. The message is
most important so please take the time to watch and read

Following this article I have included another in which the speaker describes
the impact England is suffering because of political correctness and the
damage being done because of their political correctness concerning Muslims.
Please read this as well.

We must burn up the phone lines to all politicians and demand that they protect
the Constitution first and make sure that you do not accept any if or buts from
them. Say whatever you feel that you need to say to get the point across that
we have to protect the Constitution and the United States before all else!!!

Dutch Parliament Member: We Must Close All Mosques & Ban Islam

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