and repeatedly!! Take off work and man the phones full time.

Congress was supposed to have 30 days to review the TPP document after it was
finished and they are supposed to be able to vote “Yea” or ‘Nay” for or against it.
Obama has given them five days to review it before he signs the agreement supposedly
binding America and Americans to its terms and to the rulings of the Commission
formed by the TPP. From the time of Obama’s signing other countries can decide for us
what we are obligated to do under TPP.

Chile was smart enough to agree to the terms of TPP as long as those terms do not
conflict with its constitution. No such protection was included by the U.S. Trade
Representative negotiating for the U.S.. We can only assume that this was purposefully
omitted in order to be able to redistribute U.S. resources to the rest of the World at
the expense of U.S. citizens. This is also where all the permissions Obama has legally
accrued for use during emergencies, that he alone is to declare, will come into play.
He has the power to make us turn in our tractors, cars, trucks, tools, food, whatever
for use as he deems necessary to address his emergency anywhere in the World.

He has already deployed 50 members of our military to join the battle in Syria after
months of avoiding doing so. Why? I believe it is so he can make it look like we are
involved and have something bad take place that gives him an excuse to declare a
national emergency involving possible harm to U.S. citizens right here in America.

If you don’t immediately get on the phones and get involved this could mean the
end of everything. Obama does not have the power to act unilaterally. He has to stay
within the bounds of the Constitution and it is up to We the People to make damn
sure he does, no matter what it takes.

I do not know how he plans to enforce the edicts of this “Commission” formed by
the TPP but if we even appear to agree to any of it, each of us that does comply
should be removed from the scene, permanently.

The only people that will gain from the TPP will be big businesses who get carte
blanche on doing business in all member countries and set the rules governing the
lives of the peoples of all member countries to enable them to make ever larger profits.
It will also allow them to penalize some countries for using too much of some things
needed by less fortunate countries and make the most fortunate countries suffer
exorbitant prices and extreme shortages of such things as medications, rare earths,
food stuffs and such that are plentiful in America but not so much in many third world

PLEASE do research on TPP and raise hell with Congress non-stop telling them that they
have to get a restraining order on Obama and remove him from office immediately to
prevent any further crap like this from taking place. He has been allowed to run amok
without so much as a single action being taken against him or attempt to stop him.

What the hell is the matter with everyone?? Don’t you like living in America and being
able to afford the necessities of life? TPP will make all that you need impossible to afford
and get. NO JOKE!!

Nothing has the power to rule over the Constitution. Nothing can be allowed to try and
overrule the Constitution. We the People control the United States government and we
must retain that control at all costs even if it means to taking up our arms and forcibly
taking control. Things are that bad right now!!

The sovereignty of the United States is gone if Obama signs the TTP partnership. It is not a
treaty and must not be identified as one for any reason. If it is, we are bound by the
Constitution to honor treaties as if they are our own laws. That is after they have been
ratified by the Senate. Remember, for TPP the Senate can only vote “Yea” or “Nay”. They
cannot add amendments or change anything about the partnership agreement. Just agree
to it or disagree with it. WE have to make sure they disagree with it.

Obama and his partner in crime, Valerie Jarrett, are very sleazy and slippery and are following
orders from outside of the U.S. through Jarrett. Chief Adviser is, in her case, another name for
“person in charge”. Obama is nothing more than a mouthpiece for those behind the scenes.

WE must demand a restraining order on Obama, Biden, Kerry and Jarrett taking them out of
all contact with anyone in any government. The only way to do that is put them into
protective custody until the matter can be fully investigated.

Obama will definitely be guilty of treason if he signs the TPP agreement without the
agreement of the Congress. If he continues to say he is going to sign it that means he
will willingly commit treason. LOCK HIM UP NOW!!

God Bless America and give us the strength to overcome the abuse of our freedom
and liberty, Amen!

Joseph D. Hollinger

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