Why is America Waiting for a Miracle to Happen That Will Save America? Really dumb!

Every person in the Pentagon took the same oath as every member of Congress, the Administration and the Supreme Court. Since all three Branches of government have demonstrated that they have no honor or respect for the offices they hold and thereby have no respect for the people that voted for them either.

Since the Military is under oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, Why hasn’t it coordinated with those in any and all of the Branches that constantly show that they are upholding their oaths and set up an interim government to take over when the Military moves in and deposes every person in all three branches that have violated their oaths of office and done things that are detrimental to the existence of the United States as structured by the Framers in the Constitution.

Should We the People get fed up with the destruction of our country and our impending loss of freedom there will far less order and control to the process. Many lives would be lost and history destroyed in the process.

The military could move in and get the job done quickly and cleanly and the interim government could start the recovery process in the short time remaining until elections are held and our new government steps into office.

One way or the other, radical changes must be made and really soon or all is lost.

God Bless America!

Joe Hollinger

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