ADV: United Nations Plot to Re-engineer Civilization


I haven’t sent political information in quite some time.

Now, I have to send this to you and ask that you shut off the football game or put down
your book or whatever you may be doing and read the article within this email entitled:

Monday, 28 September 2015

At UN Summit, World Rulers Adopt Agenda for Global Socialism

Written by Alex Newman

If you ignore what you read and slough it off as impossible, will never happen in America, someone
will put an end to that, you have already drunk the Kool-Aid and its too late for you and your
children and grandchildren. They will die impoverished slaves to dictators having no concern for
human life, only the profits lives can put into their coffers while doing slave labor.

Common Core is designed to degrade the intelligence of our children until they are no more than
mindless sex fiends. Don’t believe me? Better do some research on what Ohio schools have just
done to what are acceptable standardized testing results. They have reduced the acceptable test
results for mathematics to 22 percentile. Totally unacceptable and definitely degrading. Yes, they
are dumbing down America’s children on purpose. They are attempting to make it impossible for
America to recover by eliminating the technical expertise available in students with advanced
degrees in engineering and scientific disciplines by creating students to stupid and unprepared for
accomplishing those much needed degrees.

This article by Mr. Newman shows you the plan that has gotten unanimous approval by all
representatives to the United Nations, including President Obama. He has committed the United
States to participation and he doesn’t appear to be going to have the Senate ratify his commitment.

If my last paragraph doesn’t make you stop and think you need to get reacquainted with knowledge
of how our government is supposed to operate. You should have shuddered at the thought of
unanimous approval by the miscreant dictators who are barbarous murders of their own peoples
who keep for themselves all aid that is sent to their countries ignoring the plight of their peoples.

The fact that Obama gave his approval and obligated all U.S. citizens to the plan for national
despotism without any discussion with Congress or with us, the People to whom our country
belongs. Am I the only one that is absolutely convinced that Obama has assumed the role of
dictator assuming the power to obligate us to anything his sick mind dreams up.

The last thing you should have gagged on is Obama’s apparent plan to bypass the Senate and
continue forward with this obligation on his own. This is a gross violation of the Constitutional
process for the handling of treaties and obligating Americans without their consent. He is
totally abusing his powers as President, and, how in hell is he going to insure U.S. participation
in Sustainability Plan targeted for implementation in 2030 if he is no longer in office? Don’t you
think that you ought to ask yourself if Obama plans to continue in office indefinitely and still
be a power in 2030? I think so! He claims that the Twenty-second Amendment was never
ratified and that there is no limit on the number of terms that he can remain in office. Do you
think he will attempt to remain if office? I do!

How about this? Do you know what the Second Amendment is and why the Framers gave it
to us? Do you think it is so we can keep arms in case someone breaks into our homes placing
our lives in danger? That is a side benefit not the true purpose of the Second Amendment.

The true purpose behind the Second Amendment is to provide a means for We the People to
preserve, protect and defend our Constitution, our System of Laws, our way of life and our
society from government run amok of the very restrictive plan the Framers gave us for
operating our government so that we would never have to suffer under the rule of a tyrant
as they did. People, its time for us to prepare to take our government back from our very
corrupt and self-serving government and return to the structure and protection of our
Constitution. Do you know that it is the only constitution in the World that gives the People
power over their government? This is a precious jewel that must be guarded with every
ounce of effort we each are capable of giving.

PLEASE READ the following article and pass it on to as many people as you can. Call your
representatives in the House and Senate, write letters to editors, attend all local government
meeting and speak up. Do whatever you can do personally to stop the destruction of
America and the death of the greatest Constitution ever to have existed.

Joseph D. Hollinger
God Bless America!
God Damn Obama!

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