Judge Rules Against Obama Amnesty!!

Good News for America and Americans!!

Judge Hagan has ruled that Obama cannot grant Illegal invader settlers, in any shape, size, or age group, protection from deportation in any form. He gave orders to cease, stop, and not grant protection to any and all immigrants in the U.S. through commission of the illegal act of crossing our Southern border without proper legal permissions necessary for legal entry into our country, the U.S.

Judge Napolitano, Fox News contributor, said that one judge ruling against a president is rarely done. In fact, you could count the number of times it has been done using your fingers and still have some left. Judge Napolitano also said that an appeal to an appellate court would likely take more than two years. Obama’s term would be over by then. (Note: I am concerned that he may not leave office when his service is legally ended.)

Here is the link so you can go and read the article. The article includes a link to the judge’s actual decision papers.

I can’t wait to hear what the White House has to say about this. More so, what Obama is going to do about this. I am afraid that Judge Hagan’s life may be in danger because of his acting against Obama which is totally unacceptable. Obama has had laws passed permitting him to detain people without charges and/or trial for an indefinite period of time, like FOREVER. FEMA detention centers are ready for those that speak and act against Obama. I am guessing and giving my opinion here, but, I think that personal threats against Democrat members of Congress and their families are causing them to act 180 out from the way elected members of Congress are supposed to act. I also assume that there are some Republicans who have suffered the same kinds of intimidation. There is some reason why the behaviors of those we have elected to serve us have changed so radically since Obama got into office.

Adherence to the Constitution and the Rule of Law by elected officials has been on the decline since before Jimmy Carter was elected but with Carter’s election the angle of decline has intensified and gotten worse with each administration up until the present time. There is a very powerful force behind Obama and all that is happening. In fact, two powerful forces.

The first, in my opinion, are the big, big banks of the World and the rich and powerful elite progressives that own/run them. People such as the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, etc. have so much wealth and power the World over that they can exact controls over countries under the threat of destroying a nation’s economy. Groups to which they belong, such as the Bilderberg Group and the Counsel on Foreign Relations are groups working to gain these powerful people control of the World and its populations for their own purposes, whatever they may be.

They have powerful voices to aid their causes such as Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski who are supporters of population control measures that some would label as inhuman and absurd. Such things as spreading deadly diseases in Third World countries aimed at decimating entire populations. Ebola could very well have been one such attempt. The presence of increasingly virulent new stains of old diseases and the appearance of new ones must be watched carefully and origins ascertained.

Its bankers, super big businesses that make obscene profits, and those that run them that are causing our economy to decline. We must support Rand Paul and help him have the Federal Reserve (a privately held bank) audited to expose any wrong doings, if there are any. We must also demand that our gold reserves at Fort Know be inventoried. I have read that the billions in bullion that were there have become the property of the Federal Reserve as collateral for U.S. indebtedness to them. That the Federal Reserve can do what it pleases with the gold. That the rumors of billions in gold being sent to China may well be true.

One fact that you may want to consider concerning the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Centers. Billions in gold was stored under those buildings and the search of the ruins of those buildings only found a few $Millions and that was in the back of two van type trucks. Where did the rest go? What was the real reason those buildings were destroyed by explosive charges (with airplanes as camouflage) to cover up clandestine activities of the global elite bankers and businesses at the expense of the thousands of lives taken in the process. Food for thought!

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