ADV: Spread the word: House DHS bill removes threat to Homeland Security

Do you want the 5 Million illegal aliens and their families to benefit from Obama’s illegal executive action to grant them rights and privileges that are only for American citizens and those immigrants here legally? NO?

Here is the chance and the time for you to take action. DO NOT WAIT TO ACT or you will be supporting 5 Million government dependents with your hard earned dollars, and, you may have to do without benefits that you have worked to provide for yourself and your family because the funding for them has dried up or is being utilized to support these criminals.

Do not think of these people on the terms of moms, dads, little children, teenagers in school, etc. The first and only thing that they represent is criminal abuses of our system of laws by their crossing out borders illegally and then having the guts to demand that we take care of them. A large part of that demand is Obama’s fault. He invited them here in direct violation of one of the only responsibilities he has as President – enforce our laws!

WE must not allow his illegal edicts concerning allowing 5 Million illegals to remain in our country (since there have been proven to be members of those groups that have avowed to kill us in our own country coming with people from 22 countries, all coming here from Mexico) to stay here without the People’s permission. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR PERMISSION TO STAY!

Read the following email I have forwarded for your action. Thank you, Joe Hollinger, God Bless America!

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