Murray N. Rothbard,, has possibly exposed the Obama agenda. Please read and see where Common Core appears to fit into the plan.

I recommend to those of you that will, do read the following article. Pay attention
closely to what is said and not necessarily what is written. You will find many mental associations to events
you have seen unfold due to actions taken by the Obama Administration and those entities that support its agenda.

I certainly think that you will be enlightened by what you read. Hopefully to the extent that you can see where the Obama Administrations is taking America and the rest of the World. Hopefully you will light fires under friends, family and associates and have them become aware of the direction we, and our country are being taken.

We have all heard shouts and claims that Obama has an Socialist/Communist agenda but none have put up proof of where our country is headed. I hope you will agree that this article opens the gates to the library of proof. Now that we have an idea concerning the direction we must take in our quest for facts that could very well prove the end point of the agenda. In fact, living examples of that end point are North Korea, China, Cuba, and Venezuela, in my opinion, that is. One big difference being that in our case reality will be more severe than in those living examples.

Obama and those pulling his strings (look at his czars and his appointees) are not in a hurry. They have years and years to gradually, but steadily advance their agenda. It takes a long time to take away freedom and society from a country with a large diverse population. During that time there can be no mistakes because if the people should become aware of what is happening and stand up and make a huge fuss the plan will have to be restudied and restarted. Have no fear, though, they will not give up. Unless people from all around the World wake up to what is happening and start making the huge fusses that will be necessary to bring this agenda to light and to its end.

There are two very important initiatives underway at this moment in which Obama is deeply involved. They are the Transatlantic Trade Initiative Partnership (TTIP) and the Trans-Pacifice Partnership (TTP). Both are touted by supporters as being “free trade” agreements that will bring benefits to everyone. Those that are reading between the lines and doing research are finding that they will not bring benefits to anyone but the rich and powerful bringing hardships and despotism to the majority of us. The initiatives are easily located by searching the Internet.

Please read and study the following article until you see what it really is saying. The author uses an unfamiliar way of writing that to some may prove hard to read and understand. You can get it if you try.

The following is from:
Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature

By Murray N. Rothbard

December 20, 2014

[This article is excerpted from the title essay and the
introduction to the first edition of Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature
and Other Essays

This essay was delivered at a conference on human differentiation held by the Institute for Humane Studies at Gstaad, Switzerland, in the summer of 1972. A fundamental reason and grounding for liberty are the ineluctable facts of human biology; in particular, the fact that each individual is a unique person, in many ways different from all others. If individual diversity were not the universal rule, then the argument for liberty would be weak indeed. For if individuals were as interchangeable as ants, why should anyone worry about maximizing the opportunity for every person to develop his mind and his faculties and his personality to the fullest extent possible? The essay locates the prime horror of socialism as the egalitarian attempt to stamp out diversity among individuals and groups. In short, it reflects the grounding of libertarianism in individualism and individual diversity.”

Murray N. Rothbard 1974

The following are two paragraphs from the article that may open your eyes a bit.

“Another widening rebellion against biological sex norms, as well as against natural diversity, has been the recently growing call for bisexuality by Left intellectuals. The avoidance of “rigid, stereotyped” heterosexuality and the adoption of indiscriminate bisexuality is supposed to expand consciousness, to eliminate “artificial” distinctions between the sexes and to make all persons simply and unisexually “human.”

“absurd fantasies are at the root of the Marxian utopia of communism. Freed from the supposed confines of specialization and the division of labor (the heart of any production above the most primitive level and hence of any civilized society), each person in the communist utopia would fully develop all of his powers in every direction.[17] As Engels wrote in his Anti-Dühring, communism would give “each individual the opportunity to develop and exercise all his faculties, physical and mental, in all directions.”[18] And Lenin looked forward in 1920 to the “abolition of the division of labor among people … the education, schooling, and training of people with an all-around development and an all-around training, people able to do everything. Communism is marching and must march toward this goal, and will reach it.” (HELLO COMMON CORE!)

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