Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a great weekend


Thanksgiving to you and everyone at your house!

Nancy and I wish you all the very best for a wonderful family weekend during which you share love, friendship, prayers, and some really good food.

Somehow the food we eat on Thanksgiving seems to taste much better than the same food tastes at other times during the year. The reason could be that we are conscious of how lucky we are to have the foods we eat and the company we share.

We are also conscious of the fact that many fellow human beings in many parts of the World, including right here at home, haven’t got the resources to have a great meal with family members for a special occasion. Please keep these folks in mind as you give thanks. They need all the help they can get in the form of encouragement and education in the ways towards better times. They do not need gifts from a government that takes their souls in exchange for handouts to keep them going.

Ben Franklin supposedly said: “A person that is willing to surrender a little liberty for a little security deserves neither liberty or security.”

Enough preaching. Have a super great weekend and stay safe!

Joe and Nancy Hollinger
God Bless America

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