Update: A Crucial Step Forward

Todd Schulte,

You are totally blind to what Obama has done. The only thing he did that matters at this point is violate the Constitution.
At this point that is all that matters. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t want to wait for Congress. That is the way our country
works just as Obama has said publicly several time. If Congress does not agree on a bill the bill gets thrown out and a new bill
is drafted and debated by both houses of Congress until either a compromise is agreed upon or the bill is scrapped.

Once a bill is agreed to by the whole Congress it is forwarded to the office of the President for his signature or Veto. If its vetoed the
bill is sent back to Congress for more work or scrapping and starting over.

Never does the President have the power, or right to make laws. That is for Congress to do and no-one else to do.

Although Immigration needs a lot of work in America, this is not how its done. Obama has set a precedent that other Presidents
can now use to do whatever they want to do in spite of what WE the People want. The President and Congress work for US the People
and we must not lose that power.

When government fears the people there is freedom. When the people fear the government there is tyranny. The people in control
of our government care nothing for the People or for the Constitution. They have run amok and are working to take over our
government and install a New World Order that Obama will head. Latinos are being used to advance his agenda as our black

He wants to fill our country with low wage workers that will be content with whatever they have and live in poverty as long as
government puts food on their tables, allows them to drive a car, have children and have some form of healthcare. They don’t/won’t
care where these things come from as long as they keep coming.

I am sure you can see the advancing agenda to take white people out of the tower of power and make them insignificant and
unimportant. Once Obama’s agenda continues to work until those that remember what life as a free American is supposed to
be like pass away, there will be nothing but government dependents left. Then, the power of the second amendment will diminish
through apathy, the need for it forgotten, and no-one available to bear arms to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution
because they will have forgotten its importance as the foundation of the legal system we use to have.

In my opinion, Obama has a long term agenda for establishing a World Government based in the United Nations. For him to accomplish
that the United States has to become insignificant in the World. It has to degrade to the point where immigrants no longer want to
come here because they are better off where they are. When he has accomplished this our natural wealth will be plundered and sold to
the highest bidder in order to make those few rich and powerful progressive elites the World over who are pulling Obama’s strings, richer
and more powerful. I have to wonder, what will happen to the World when those few have total control of everything and everyone?

Surely they will become bored. What will they do for a challenge? What will they do for fun? What did Roman emperors do? They
built coliseums in which they watched lions kill and devour what ever group they considered their enemy that day. Places where the
leader could watch his gladiators unfairly destroy those of the minority who will be poorly armed and hardly trained in hand to hand
fighting/survival. That is when human life will have no value to anyone but the life holder. That is where we are headed at every
increasing speed.

The only good thing in America is the Constitution. If we fight to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies,
both foreign and “DOMESTIC”. The enemy is within and he is winning. He is tearing apart our history and our importance. Our
society is being redesigned to instill gross despotism through our once great country. I would not be surprised to see degradations
in many facets of the lives of the so called middle class, all of us.

I would not be surprised to see attacks of the right of the People to own private property including money. Nancy Pelosi once said
that we (the government) will be co-owners with us of our bank and investment accounts and we (the government) will have
withdrawal privileges. Check recent history. Things they say have a tendency to happen at some point in time.

Remember, Obama is not in a hurry to accomplish his agenda. What is important is that the plan moves forward as planned and
does not have major hiccups that cause them to back up and regroup. This happened within Communism on the onset. They used
five-year plans to advance their agenda. When one plan was completed another was started until they achieved the control they
wanted. Ergo the Obama plan. Keep watching if you must. I hope, instead, that you will remember that even though the plight
of the 5+ million immigrants is important and must be resolved, the preservation of our Constitution and our system of laws is
for the moment, more important.

Immigration has been a big problem needing a solution for years now. There is no great rush to get it done at this moment. To
wait another few months to get the immigration processes fixed and follow the Constitution and stay within the law while doing
it. There is nothing in the Constitution that says the President has to get what he wants when he wants it or exactly like he
wants it. Congress must follow the processes provided in the Constitution and produce bills to forward to the President that
they have negotiated agreements on and achieved a bill that provides the best they could get for both sides and for the People.

Then, and only then, does the bill that Congress crafted get to the desk of the President. His is to sign the bill as he received it
or send it back to Congress with his comments. Congress then either reworks that bill or starts over, Then the process repeats
until a final bill acceptable to all is produced. This process must be followed or our country falls apart. This is the way
immigration must be addressed. The people must insist that their representatives work the way they want them to work.
They must stay in touch with them frequently and tell them what they want. That is the only way they know what to do.

So, I support the need for immigration reform, but, I support preserving, protecting and defending our Constitution before all
else because it is our foundation. Should it crumble all is lost. In that case, immigration would not matter because without
the Constitution there is no law.

Update: A Crucial Step Forward


Today, President Obama unveiled his plans for executive action on immigration reform at Del Sol High School in Las Vegas. I wanted to lay out what this means – and thank you for being the reason this happened.

We applaud the President for taking critical steps today to fix aspects of our broken immigration system that will mean millions of families can live their lives free from the fear of deportation. Executive action means 5 million undocumented immigrants can come out of the shadows and receive work permits. It means that families across America can live without fear of deportation. It means that entrepreneurs who want to create American jobs will have more opportunities.

Read our full statement on President Obama’s decision to take action on immigration here.

I want to make sure you know that today happened because of you.

This moment would not have been possible without the tireless work of grassroots immigration reform supporters. Countless calls, letters, town hall meetings, demonstrations, and petitions have kept immigration reform at the forefront of national discussion. Over 350,000 people got in touch with their representative in support of action on immigration because of the innovative advocacy tools that FWD.us and the tech community built together.

Today’s announcement will have a monumental effect on 5 million lives, but our work here is not done. We have friends, family and allies who we fight alongside everyday for whom today will not bring relief – and that is exactly why we need to keep fighting. These actions are no substitute for legislation, which remains the only way forward on the permanent solution to our broken immigration system our country so desperately needs.

We will continue to fight, but for today – thank you. This was big, and it’s because of you.


Todd Schulte
Acting President, FWD.us

This email was sent to joe_hollinger. To stop receiving emails from FWD.us, click here. FWD.us
PO Box 15015
Washington, D.C.

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