Please Read This Information NOW and Learn How TPP and TTIP Spell HORROR for U.S. and European Countries and Citizens, They Represent


When you read this you will understand why Obama has been so relaxed and unconcerned about what is going
on in the United States. He is virtually unopposed by a Congress that cares only about being reelected to participate in a government of people that are “too dumb to see what is happening.” Government that is falling apart a chunk at a time nearly every week that passes.

Obama is in Asia selling us down the river right now and none of the establishment mainstream media are paying the least bit of attention to their duty, as the free press granted the people of the United States by the Framers in the First Amendment. The duty of a free press to watch what government is doing and see to that through fair and balance reporting of the unbiased facts keeps the citizens of the United States fully aware of what every single person therein is up to frequently. This is the way transparency was intended for us by the Framers who knew that WE the People must be constantly vigilant and watchful of the behavior of those in whom we have placed our trust by giving them our consent to be governed by them, by electing them.

I have written about the Trans-Pacific Partnership several times. I wanted to warn you of the threat such an agreement represents to us and our ways of life, including freedom, safe food, the right to grow our own food, the right to raise livestock, free access to fresh water, higher cost for health care, free and open Internet, everything we use and need to live the way we do will be gone. This includes the loss of many, many more jobs overseas.

It appears that our past prosperity has been lost to the greed of businesses who helped make America the great power it use to be. Now their never ending quest for more and more profits and loss of all patriotism and concern for their fellow citizens, coupled with the nearly total apathy of Americans concerning their country and their government. This apathy paired with corporate greed is enabling those with a bent on power over everything and everyone for the sake of more and more power and control, to get control over everyone a little bit at a time.

This scheme is today the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the horrors it represents are described in the following article. PLEASE READ IT NOW!! When you are finished reading the article. Do a search on TTIP, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Here is a link to start out with.

TTIP: Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership would …


Here is another article from “The Guardian” the illustrates the threat that TTIP represents to the British, Americans and the peoples of many other countries in Europe. TTIP and TTP together will give control over the lives and economies of countries that contain over half of the people in the World, to rogue governments and big businesses. We must ask ourselves where they will go and what will they want when they have all of this? WE HAVE TO STOP THIS. WE HAVE TO TAKE THE POWER FROM GOVERNMENT AND UNLIMITED PROFITS FROM BUSINESSES OR AMERICA IS GONE AND FREEDOM WITH IT.

The TTIP deal hands British sovereignty to multinationals


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